Mohanji arrives in Istanbul, Turkey

Mohanji arrives in Istanbul, Turkey

On 22 February 2021 Mohanji reached Turkey for a unique retreat to provide relaxation and a better outlook to the world as we come out of the pandemic situation. Mohanji’s presence and the retreat were widely covered by the local media.

Mohanji said that he enjoyed the multicultural flavors that he saw every time he came to Istambul.

Mohanji is here at Istambul to transform the challenges we have been through in the past year into strength, flexibility, and stability.

Mohanji’s words in his interview.

“This is the time to connect to oneself. Because pandemic has taken away the options of our habits of the past. Most of the habits are not practical anymore because of the pandemic. Now we have to connect with ourselves, explore ourselves, find our potential and do our best. At this point in time, the inner exploration has a lot of value; finding oneself, understanding oneself, and making the best use of individual talents. And that is exactly what the pandemic has brought us to.”

Here are some coverage by the local Media..

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