Mohanji meets renowned Indian classical singer, Pandit Jasraj

Brahmarishi Mohanji met Pandit Jasraj, a doyen of Hindustani classical music and one of India’s musical greats, today. Mohanji is very fond of Pandit Jasraj’s music and has had a wish to meet him for a long time, which was fulfilled today.

Many of us may recognize Panditji’s music as Mohanji incorporates some of his songs during retreats, especially for the deep timbre of his voice and the bhaav(emotion) carried in the song. One example is the song “Govinda Damodara Madhaveti”.
Mohanji gifted the books Power of Purity and Kailash-The Inner Kora to Pandit ji. He listened keenly to the Kailash experiences and leafed through the book and the inner kora pictures with great interest, as he has also done the Kailash yatra several years ago. Mohanji also shared the wonderful experiences of Avadhoota Nadananda with Panditji and set up their conversation as Guruji is also very fond of Panditji’s music.

Panditji is 87 years old and is still active on the musical circuit. He said to Mohanji – “All I want is for my voice to be intact so that I can continue to sing.”

The meeting was marked by warmth and a sense of deep familiarity – it didn’t seem like this was their first meeting!

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