Mohanji Mobile App is here

Mohanji Mobile App

On the auspicious day of 23-Feb-2019 (Mohanji’s Birthday), we’re grateful for launch official Mohanji App. It can now be downloaded for andriod and iOS. Now you can get instantly updated with Mohanji events in various cities, daily teachings and practices with a single click!

We thank all our doners, volunteers and supporters in making this possible. Please encourage everyone in your centers to download it and make the most of it! We sincerely hope you enjoy the experience – there will be lots more coming up.

Link for iOS

Link for Android

2 thoughts on “Mohanji Mobile App is here

  1. Hello dear ones!
    The system says ” this app is currently not available in your country.
    I have a Spanish and Austrian SIM card and am currently in Panama.
    Any ideas?

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