Mohanji Speaks on Life Positive Magazine

Mohanji Speaks on Life Positive Magazine

Mohanji was interviewed by Life Positive Magazine, a print and online magazine based on spirituality and lifestyle. You can find his answers to various questions based on the topic, “Are we entering a new yuga?” featured in the March 2021 edition of the publication.

When asked about his view of the coming years and decades, he shared that up until the end of the 2020s we can expect many more man-made disasters and natural calamities. Like Covid there could be more diseases emerging and the economic fall out can create a very unpredictable situation across the world.

“The destruction caused on earth due to our insensitive lifestyle is much larger than we can perceive, especially the imbalance caused by taking fossil fuel from the earth. This is probably a time of rebooting on earth which has been predicted by various teachers, masters, and philosophers.”

Mohanji gives insights on the change in frequencies, the institute of marriage and companionship, and dealing with the change in times. In this article Mohanji explains how to nurture and up bring children in relation to the calamities happening in the world. He encouraged us to remain flexible and lead our children by example, by embodying compassion, kindness, selflessness, and complete purity.

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