Mohanji’s Birthday Satsang 2021
Mohanji's Birthday Satsang 2021 poster

Mohanji’s Birthday Satsang 2021

Bosphorus, Turkey, 23rd February 2021

You can watch the full satsang on YouTube by clicking here.

Q1 Being in the now (20:13)
Q2 How to use any situation as an opportunity for positive transformation (22:38)
Q3 How to survive in competitive world without compromising integrity (36:18)
Q4 Destiny vs. free will (43:06)
Q5 How to keep peace when your most loved ones don’t seem to respect you for who you are? (48:05)
Q6 In old age, how to have peaceful death? (51:23)
Q7 How can I serve multitude of people? (1:01:06)
Q8 How to deal with people with narcistic personality disorder? (1:09:13)
Q9 How to stay calm in face of challenges and why they come although we live dharmic life? (1:12:33)
Q10 How to find clarity on the lost passion of our life? (1:17:25)
Q11 How to know who are the right people in our life and who are the fake ones? (1:20:37)
Q12 It’s your birthday today. What does it mean to you? (1:22:23)
Q13 What are the activities that could bring the same benefits as a person who attends fire rituals? (1:25:03)


Hello, dear friends!

It’s my great honor and pleasure to welcome you today on the occasion of Mohanji’s birthday at Bosphorus, in Istanbul, Turkey.

I would also like to use this opportunity to welcome our audience watching us on Facebook and other social platforms. You are all with us here in our hearts.

I hope you can feel this magnificent and festive atmosphere.

Now we will welcome Mohanji and Devi Mohan. A warm welcome to Mohanji and Devi Mohan…

I’m sure that the best person to introduce Mohanji is his wife, his life partner, who is also the Global Ambassador of Mohanji Foundation and President of ACT Foundation. Here you go, Devi…


Thank you, Dalila.

A loving welcome to all of you, and all our spiritual family and friends watching us online.

I will just take a couple of minutes to give a brief introduction into who Mohanji is, and what it means to be a part of the Mohanji family.

Yesterday I spoke at length that what’s really special about this family, is that it all started organically. We didn’t have any sponsors or mecenas as they say in Europe, or anyone who was backing this up. 

It was just a pure intention that came from Mohanji’s heart, and support from a grand Tradition, intangible support.

In India, they say that everything that is measurable is maya or illusion.

And it’s exactly that grace factor – which is something that is not measurable, and something that comes only when we do things beyond ourselves, when we do something selflessly with purest of intention.

That’s what made this whole platform called Mohanji Foundation come to life.

Currently in more than 80 countries, we have Mohanji Foundation and registered as legal entities in 16 countries. And we had hundreds, now thousands of volunteers around the globe for Mohanji Foundation, ACT Foundation, and various other platforms like Early Birds Club (EBC), World Consciousness Alliance (WCA), Mohanji Youth Club (MYC). Across different age groups and strata of society, and beyond all boundaries, there is value addition happening to the world.

What’s really beautiful about it is that Mohanji is not doing this to promote himself as a personality or as a person – he is actually helping all of us to rise up to our highest potential, by finding different aspects that suit us.

We are here to overcome all frames just like he did, just like he came out of all frames, including the slavery to our ego, our mind, and our expectations.

As we rise up through selflessness, purity, social service, and expression of our uniqueness and authenticity, we are able to rise up to that higher potential.

And this platform was created as the booster, or as a means for many of us to rise up in that way.

So that’s what makes it very special…

I, as his wife, can also say that I was never forced by Mohanji to be or to behave in a specific way, or to be pretentious, or try to be something I’m not.

I come from the Balkan region and here among our participants, we have quite many people from the Balkan region – we are very unruly! And we have this ‘inat’ (inat in Serbian is similar to spite in English), you know if you try to push us into something, it’s not happening!

But we are all in the heart also… we are very spontaneous, and we celebrate life…

So I feel it’s a very beautiful connection between that passion, spontaneity, celebration of life, and courage and with the beauty, humility, and depth of India. When it all comes together, I think we make a pretty good family, globally.

And also as I said yesterday, we do have deep Vedic roots in the Balkan region.

Before Christianity came there in that region, there was a civilization with deep contact with the Vedic knowledge. So that’s somewhere deeply ingrained in us.

And this is not a religion – this is Sanatana Dharma – the basic ground rules of existence which boils down to the wisdom of yoga, and again further boiling down, into being natural.

Being natural, being you, is one of Mohanji’s core messages.

And also living in a liberated way, and leaving liberated. This is our aim.

We are not here to hoard wealth, we are not here to prove anything.

We are simply here to become more and more natural, more and more loving, and inspire others to radiate that kind of beauty and energy.

Mohanji lives his teachings and guides us through his own example, and all of us aim to rise up to that level of being completely natural, free, and just out there living our highest version and highest potential. 

On this special day we are so happy to be in the beautiful Bosphorus, where nature celebrates unity, where we all can unite through that higher frequency energy, beyond all these restrictions that we are facing now during COVID challenges, and many other divisions that happen among the people.

We are here to celebrate unity, purity, and divinity. Thank you.

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