Mohanji’s Kavach
Mohanji’s Kavach

Mohanji’s Kavach

By Seema Nair, Kuwait

Last month, I contacted a Mai-Tri practitioner, Rekha Murali, to request a Mai-Tri for someone. We agreed upon a suitable time, and after she did the Mai-Tri, she shared her impressions through a voice clip. Towards the end, Rekha told me, “You do not sound good; I suggest you get a Mai-Tri done for yourself.” I immediately said to her that she had guessed right, and I shared my issues with her.

After thinking it over, I agreed to get a Mai-Tri session done for me. We set a time honouring convenience, though I preferred it be done earlier. At the same time, there was a connection happening silently amongst us that was not shared. The minute I had this thought, she contacted me saying that she felt it had to be done and was free to do it immediately. I was in awe as it matched my preferred time and consented.

During the process, I felt the energy strongly on the crown and in the middle of the forehead. My throat was very uneasy, soar all of a sudden and coughing. I felt my heart heavier than the heaviest and something weighing on my chest. In a while, all the heaviness vanished. I felt sprays of bright golden dust falling all over me. I had tears. I felt the session took long, and soon I fell into a deep slumber for a while, unaware. After the session, we shared our findings and experience. She asked me to chant a mantra regularly, which I started immediately.

In the meantime, a disturbing issue at the workplace had to be sorted, and the process was on. Although I felt very calm, somewhere, some deep-seated fears kept popping up. I was expecting a consignment to be cleared and delivered to our premises on the 17th of July before the country closed for Eid for almost ten days. I was more than confident it would. It was some ego (ahankara), as my aim was to win over my office mates who are never favourable to me.

Thursday evening, I got a call when the container entered inspection that the seal mismatched with the document. This was the eve of holidays for Eid. I was devastated. Neither was there any support from my colleagues, nor could I reveal this to my manager. I had to just bottle it up. I felt totally paralyzed. I tried to do what I could, but the CIDs confiscated the consignment and sealed it. I was helpless and had to go through this worry for ten whole days.

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