Mohanji’s message to the community for His birthday (Feb 23rd 2018)

My dearest loving family members of the world,

I am writing this ahead of my birthday (February 23rd) because some of you wanted to be with me on my birthday and asked our team on my location on that day. I would like to reiterate what I had suggested/recommended a few years ago:
A. Do not send gifts to me.
B. Celebrate at your own location.
C. Use more positively the money that you would spend on gifts for me. Give food to old, sick, abandoned and hungry of all species in my name instead of sending gifts to me.
D. Give clothes to the needy, if you can. Please give only good and usable clothes.
E. Give medicines to the poor and sick if you could.

Celebrate my birthday with abandoned children, children without parents, abused children, old and abandoned people, sick people, etc. Make them happy. Show them that you sincerely care. Their joy is my joy. Give them assurance, strength, support and love. Share what you have, whatever you have in abundance with those who have nothing. Do not discriminate between species. Remember, human species is just one species in this world. Rescue and take care of abandoned animals, if you have the capacity too. All these actions will create positive energy in this world.

Two major questions that came to me.
A. Shall we make commemorative T shirts or caps and distribute it to the poor and underprivileged? Answer: Definitely go ahead. No objection.
B. Where will you be on your birthday? Answer: In India. I have not decided on the location. But, presumably it would be away from metro cities of India

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your deep love and affection for me. You are my true wealth. Your love is my inspiration, oxygen and existence. Be happy. Remain love. No other emotions will give you so much power, elevation and purification. I shall never leave your hand. Make sure you will not leave my hand either. Everything that you offer to me is well received. I get it each time, every time. So, be at your place. Chant your favorite mantra with sincere devotion in your mind the whole day. Perform aaratis which will purify your internal and external environment. Be more beneficial to the world. My happiness is when the people who love me and I love serve the world unconditionally and see me in every being. I bless you and am with you. Be rest assured.

Bless you with a good life filled with love towards all, and hatred towards none.

Infinite Love

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