Mohanji’s quotes on Right Path
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Mohanji’s quotes on Right Path

My dear friends, the path that you are traveling now, is the right path for you. The moment you think that there is an inadequacy, understand that it’s the play of your mind. There is nothing wrong. It is the nature of mind to create these feelings and push man to the edge very often in life. Of course others also help you to feel inadequate. Do not fall prey to that. Please maintain an attitude of surrender to the will of the Almighty without resistance: this means surrendering to the agenda that you prepared for yourself before you set forth on this journey.

If I say that only my path is the right path, I am being insincere. My path is the right path for me. Your path is the right path for you. We all are in our own personal right paths. No need to compare or criticise. It is the same with religions. For each one, the religion or faith that he follows is the right one. Conversion is only like changing the attire while the person inside is the same. It has no meaning. It only shows the helplessness of man. Truth stays beyond religions.

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  1. Ragini

    Thank you Mohanji. Sairam

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