Mookambika intense Satsang-1
Mookambika intense Satsang-1

Mookambika intense Satsang-1

Mookambika Satsang 1 with Mohanji in 2019

Question and Answers on Consciousness, Mind, Self-realisation and many others

So I would like to start with the basics – some fundamentals – so that we know what we are addressing. This is for the sake of those people who are meeting me for the first time. I am not underestimating you or thinking you don’t know any of this – I’m just trying to brush your memory.


The very reason for our birth on Earth is to experience Earth


What do you experience from Earth?  

What you came for. It’s different from person to person. Everybody is not here to experience the same thing. 

We all have our flavours, our needs, our requirements, our likes, our dislikes; all of these things are there. There are millions and millions of things on Earth – earth, sky, water. On every plane, there are things to experience. And we have been given five senses to see these or to collect the information from the Earth around us. 

But we don’t collect everything. 

There are so many things around here, but our eyes fall on some things only – only that we see. We don’t see everything, right? 

When you are travelling or moving around, did you see the whole thing in that place? You saw some things. 

These things, which we collect through our senses (eyes, ears, nose etc.), go through three processors: put together, we call it mind-matter. The mind processes emotions, the intellect processes information- matter (analysis) and the ego process things connected to personality. So the five senses are collecting data and giving it to the three processors – intellect, ego and mind. And they process different things. That is why we call it different names- otherwise, they are all one: it’s called mind matter

What do these things process? If you make it into two divisions, it is literally happiness and sorrow. The sum total of this processing is either happiness or sorrow. Some things we call happiness, and some things we call sorrow. This processing is happening all the time when we are awake: that is how we experience this world. 

So we are experiencing this world through five senses and three processors. And one processor is processing emotions: the mind. 

The intellect processes analysis – that is why some people are analysing everything- their nature is like that.

Some people are connected to personality matters or ego matters. 

So, this is how it is. And these things that we process is our experience: whatever we process becomes our experience. And experience – when it is stored, we call that memory.

So, whatever the mind, intellect and ego have processed, it is stored as memory. Not everything becomes a memory. Not everything is stored; we store some things, not all things. 

Like I said: you don’t see all things, you don’t store all things- you store only some things. And these things which we store become our impressions. And these impressions become part of our character and part of our constitution. 

This is our story – this is what we are. That’s why I am telling you the fundamentals so that we know what we are talking about. 

So these stored impressions (which is basically memory, stored as impressions) can become our character, can become our constitution. 



How can an impression become our constitution? 

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