Mumbai blessed with a Day in Mohanji’s Consciousness

Mumbai was blessed to have a full-day program with Brahmarishi Mohanji on 18th June. Coming soon after a satsang in April, this event was a great opportunity for several seekers to connect deeply to Mohanji’s teachings by spending a precious day with Him.
Mohanji set the tone for the program right at the start by clearly emphasising the fundamental objective of liberation. He led the group through the Bliss of Silence meditation to harmonise the group energies. An enriching satsang ensued with questions, ranging from those stemming from daily life to more complex questions on destiny, karma and consciousness. The day also included special chanting sessions meant to clear energy channels and all participants felt an amazing level of lightness at the end of the process. Mohanji provided answers to each and every question with extraordinary simplicity and humour. The group, consisting of attendees from Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat and several other places, went back filled with Mohanji’s love and with the seeds of spirituality firmly sown in them.

Enjoy some glimpses from this wonderful day from this link.

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