My tryst with destiny – connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness

My tryst with destiny – connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness

By Ananth Nalabanda, UK

I read about the Mai-Tri Method and was fascinated about it and applied to be trained in the Method. Even though I am a trained medical doctor, I always felt an inner calling to offer holistic medicine to my patients. This had taken me on the journey of training myself with different energy healing practices such as Reiki, Angelic Reiki, etc.

I received an email from the Mai-Tri Method team rejecting my application for the Mai-Tri Method training. I offered my sincere gratitude to the team as they kick started my transformation process. It was a truly humbling experience. I read more about the Mai-Tri Method and how it involves connecting to Mohanji’s consciousness. I got in touch with the Mohanji UK team and what happened next is beyond my wildest imagination…it was as if some unknown force was guiding me.

I was kindly included in the Mohanji UK group by Vijay and the first thing posted in the group was about the pilot on ‘Invest in Awareness’ programme conducted by Nimika, Olivera and Bilajana. During my participation in the programme, I was informed by NellyAnne about the Early Birds Club. I started being part of the early morning meditations and service activities after getting in touch with Jay and Rashila. 

The more I got involved in the early morning meditations, the more I started experiencing a deep connection to Mohanji. I started doing his meditations, and an intense desire to read about Mohanji’s teachings led me to Subhasree. Vijay and Subhasree live very close to where I live, and it was no coincidence that within one month of knowing Mohanji, I was deep into reading about him from the books I received.

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