Official Opening of Mohanji’s New Podcast “Mohanji Speaks”

Official Opening of Mohanji’s New Podcast “Mohanji Speaks”

We are super excited to inform you that the podcast channel called “Mohanji speaks” has been officially launched today!
On this podcast, Mohanji will talk to us and give us “food for thought“ that we can contemplate, assimilate and meditate on at our own pace.
We will take questions and suggestions for topics via email –

You are all welcome to send you questions and subjects there but please make these relevant for everyone, personal matters will not be considered.
New episodes will be uploaded approximately every three days and if you subscribe you should receive notifications automatically.

The podcast can be accessed on the following apps: Spotify, Apple and Podbean. Google coming soon.
(You can find all links written below)

Please join the podcast and subscribe.





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  1. Jayshree Phalad

    Salutations to your Lotus Thank you for the awesome, enlightening podcasts. I enjoy listening and learning from it. So I have one question to which was Asked to me by a colleague. I was being questioned as to the reasons why I don’t eat meat or eggs. So I explained about non violence amongst other reasons why I left the consumption of meat many years ago. I was also discussing how cows suffer as a result of us. The disappointing thing was that people choose ignorance in order to satisfy their desire to eat the animals. I was told that I would not eat animals as it has a soul and if I believe in non violence then why I eat plants as It possess a soul.. thank you!

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