Peace Pledge Project Symposium, The Hague Netherlands

Peace Pledge Project Symposium, The Hague Netherlands: 11th Sep to 14th Sep 2017

Mohanji was invited to the Peace Pledge Project Symposium held in The Haque, Netherlands from the 11th of September to the 14th of September 2017. Mohanji was one of the many distinguished guests, all of whom came from various parts of the word. All of the guests that attended this event were from a range of different backgrounds and faiths. The event was also attended by the Indian Ambassador in the Netherlands, Mr. Venu Rajamony. The Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi also delivered a message through the Ambassador (See Below).


The Symposium also marked 70 years of diplomatic relationship between India and the Netherlands. The event focused on spreading the message of Loving Kindness and Compassion expressed through the “PEACE PLEDGE” (see below).

The main theme was spreading the message of Loving Kindness and Compassion through the whole of humanity as expressed in the “PEACE PLEDGE”, in addition to connecting the water experts of the Netherlands with the needs for water purification in India. Many inspired educators from around the world shared their initiatives on Peace through education at this event.

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You can find a transcription of Mohanji’s speech at the Peace Pledge Project Symposium on the Thus Spake Mohanji Q&A blog



The journey of life is a pilgrimage; beautiful qualities are a compass.
Intending to advance PEACE and HARMONY in our personal lives and in
the world, we affirm the following:

We commit to treat all lives with LOVING-KINDNESS and COMPASSION.
We reject the distortions of religious, national, and racial prejudice, which
are used to violate the Golden Rule to treat others as we wish to be

We respect the diversity of ways people pursue their individual ideals.
We challenge the misuse of beliefs, rites, rituals, practices, philosophies, and
traditions used to degrade anyone or which lead to violence. We affirm the
necessity of bringing LOVING- KINDNESS and COMPASSION into action.

Through such actions, we seek to improve the relationships of people —
person to person, one nation to another, one religion to another, one belief
system to another, one gender to another, and one race to another.
We call upon all people of good will to join this pledge:

We pledge that in all we intend, think, and do, we shall strive to bring
LOVING-KINDNESS and COMPASSION into action and into the lives
of all we meet.


Official Press Release – Peace Pledge Project Sep 13 2017


Message from Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India for Peace-Pledge-Project


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