Protection through a dream

Protection through a dream

By Supreet Bedi, Canada

I would like to share a recent amazing experience of blessing and grace.

Last week, which was early in September, I was browsing on the Mohanji Chronicles blog site, which houses the many experiences of followers, shared over the years. I happened to be reading one from August 2019 by Sakshi Gupta, (Healing Hands), where she narrates an incident when some construction work had been going on in her house, a window pane had fallen on her daughter’s big toe and how Mohanji had helped and saved her daughter. As I read her experience, I could feel her immense love and faith in Mohanji. 

I haven’t been able to meet Mohanji in person yet, and after reading so many devotees’ experiences every day, a thought began bugging me: would I ever be as close to him as some other devotees are, like those who are able to text or talk to him anytime? I began talking to Mohanji’s picture, and said, “Please don’t be inaccessible to me. I have no way to contact you directly; neither do I feel the need to. But please make sure my mental connectivity to you becomes so strong that I will never need to rely on any physical means of contacting you!” With this prayer, I ended the ‘conversation’… 

When I returned home from work, my elder daughter said that she had a dream in which she saw Mohanji along with another person, who although didn’t look like Shirdi Sai Baba, carried a begging (bhiksha) bowl like the one that Baba used to carry. Doing bhiksha rounds, they had come to her, and she had offered the person with the begging bowl a paratha (potato-stuffed flatbread), but he said, “No, I don’t eat that!” Then in her dream, my daughter ran back to the kitchen and brought back a plain roti (unleavened flatbread) for him. He accepted that and then both he and Mohanji left. As she narrated this, I understood the dream as an auspicious sign but failed to understand the real significance. 

Later in the evening that day, there was an incident. My daughter wanted to ride her scooter for 5 minutes, and in spite of my insistence that she wear a helmet, she refused, saying that she was only going to be taking 2-3 small rounds. Maybe it was a mother’s instinct or perhaps divine leela, but a thought crossed my mind that I must stop her, that she might get hurt. But I dismissed this thought, saying in my head, “It’s ok, Baba and Mohanji are there to take care, why should I worry!” And even as these thoughts were going in my mind, my daughter fell down. She slipped and fell hard, her face slamming down and hands hitting the ground. Crying out, she said, “Mom, I am not able to move my wrist.” Although she was crying, I was feeling very calm and assured inside.

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