Quote from Swami Vivekananda

Quote from Swami Vivekananda

Hello friends! Hope you’re doing well. Today, let’s talk about a very famous quote by Swami Vivekananda, which goes like this, “We can forsake anything in the world, for the sake of truth; but we should not forsake truth, for the sake of anything.” This is a very deep and profound statement. What does it mean? You can forsake anything in the world, the sake of truth. You should not forsake truth, for the sake of anything. What is the ultimate truth that you are born with; that exists with you and travels with you, or stays with you until death; and it  survives death as well? That’s your soul principle. S -o -u- l soul principle or ‘Atma tattva’. That is the real truth that we always live with.

When you say, or when Vivekananda said that we can forsake anything in the world – they are all temporary; the places, the time, the people, the relationships, the materials, the possessions and positions are all temporary. Atma tattva – the soul principle is permanent. If you sell your soul, for the sake of the world, you lose your soul and you will anyway lose the world because world is impermanent or temporary. But if you forsake anything in the world, for the sake of your soul, or you invest your time in your soul, you have the soul forever.

Let’s talk about the other side of it. How do you forsake your soul for the things of the world? Usually when the conscience is affected, the connection with the soul is challenged. How can the conscience be affected? When we cheat, steal, betray and we lie and do acts that disturb people or the world, our conscience dies. Conscience is like a bridge between your conscious state and your soul. Your conscious state includes your body, mind, intellect, ego, the senses and all that are part of your conscious state. So when you abandon or forsake your conscious character by betraying others, taking things from others or stealing what belongs to others, and doing negative actions in the world, then the bridge called conscience is burnt and you disconnect from your soul. That’s what Vivekananda says; burning the bridge is not worth it. So don’t cheat, don’t steal, don’t betray, don’t gossip, don’t talk bad about anybody. In other words, character assassination, gossips, betrayals, all these, burn the bridge called conscience. That’s your connection with your own soul.

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