Report on Stand with Bharat Initiative

Report on Stand with Bharat Initiative

India is facing an unprecedented crisis and reeling under the effect of the deadly, second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. This has impacted millions of people physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically.

Inspired by Mohanji, the global Mohanji family came forward to offer their services through various avenues with love and compassion, under the umbrella of Mohanji platforms.

The services provided in the Month of May as part of this “Stand with Bharat” initiative had an immense impact as can be seen below:

A) Food : 95,399 beings were served food in India, with dry ration kits of 11,661 kgs provided to families and 3,006 kgs of Animal Feed were given to shelters.

B) Critical medical equipment: Ammucare arranged oxygen concentrators in collaboration with ACT Foundation USA & UK and Breathe India which benefited critical patients in Odisha, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh.

C) Physical and Emotional Well-Being: Online Yoga and pranayama programs were arranged to strengthen respiratory health and immunity by HSTY along with daily morning routines and practices given by EBC for emotional stability.

D) Counselling and Healing: Mohanji Acharyas worked round the clock, 24×7, counselling via online chat on 473 people received healing energy through Mai-Tri sessions from 48 Mai-Tri practitioners around the world.147 prayer requests were included during the daily Mai-Tri Mantra chanting sessions.

E) Chanting for spreading positive vibrations:Daily Homa and Chanting was conducted Mohanji Acharyas for 41 days along with a Special Homa and 12 hour chanting on the lunar eclipse day

HSTL conducted a special chanting of Sri Rudram daily in 3 time zones to cover a wider global audience.

200+ Mai-Tri practitioners continued special Healing chanting round the clock in 3 time zones, 

On all Sundays of May, global healing and chanting sessions were conducted with 500+ participants.

On 30th May, Mohanji addressed a large audience at a Live ZOOM session.

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