Satsang at Bosnian Pyramids retreat 2018
Satsang with Mohanji at Bosnian Pyramids

Satsang at Bosnian Pyramids retreat 2018

We have wonderful guests here with us, most of them from India. There are a lot of them, there is a couple from America, a group from England, for now, and Montenegro – a foreign country (she laughs).

So, briefly, as our dear Monica has said, we have made a wonderful connection between India and the Balkans generally speaking, but we can say this whole region.

There is a special connection that binds us with India. I don’t know if you have noticed that you can understand a lot of words in the Sanskrit language, that deep in the heart we recognize very easily those ancient Vedic teachings, Santana Dharma, the eternal religion, i.e. eternal rules of existence enshrined in a Dharmic way. So, this is not about religion, or strict dogmas, or rules of spirituality, and primarily, the path of ascension in consciousness through direct experience. That is why we are here, to feel how much is just the presence of one person who has penetrated into the higher consciousness. 

Mohanji does not like to be called enlightened, because it creates some frame in the mind, but he definitely did penetrate into a higher consciousness than ordinary people do, and it happened to him after very challenging life situations– he lost his child, his job, his marriage. Everything fell apart, his whole existential structure; and through that, he entered into a true search.

We can all do it when we intensify that inner thirst for something that is real. It can happen to us although there is a part of that path if it is given to us, there are some things we can do on our own like to work on ourselves, and again there is that aspect of Divine grace that goes with us because it was given to someone. Mohanji did not think that he was elected to teach some lectures like this in public as he is very introverted and he likes to keep everything to himself. However, it is really his mission. It was revealed to him in many ways, and when he tried several times to go to the Himalayas and get away from the world he was sent back.

So, thanks to that Divine Providence, the two of us met. I have the opposite
character- I really like people and socialize. That is our mentality. I do everything from the heart, and I recognized that there was so much to share with people. When he began to telepathically receive some techniques, meditations, and the like, it was clear that he really needed to do that.

That’s how it all started. Now it was just yesterday that we were in Zagreb, some spiritual organization, and it’s really weird to me. I don’t really see it as an organization. Primarily we know people from all over the world. We are now in Peru, for example, then next there is a program in England, literally all over the world. Maybe it is too much traveling for Mohanji and maybe it’s time for him to reduce those trips a bit.

But we recognize that all people have similar problems and that all souls have the same thirst for spiritual liberation, and that what Mohanji has to give is so precious though it is even incomprehensible and incomprehensible to the mind. He says that What he can give if it is true, must be conveyed by his very presence. So, as Monica said, try not to just listen only to his words, but to spread out your little tentacles from the aura and try to feel those vibrations that spread completely spontaneously from it.

He does not work at all with an aim to send you some kind of energy directly but it simply happens by itself, totally spontaneously, through him because he is entirely one pure channel. In the highest consciousness, all the masters in all the aspects of the Divine Power merge somewhere. And again, from that Source, everything springs forth and what we need is experienced at a given moment.

So, nowadays the Master does not sit in a cave but is here. He is on Facebook too (she laughs). They adapt.

Mohanji is also one modern spiritual teacher. He has this advantage – he was a general manager of one company, we are married and have a child. So, he worked in a firm, he knows what family, what it means having a job, knows about international relations and has friends, so it is easy for him to communicate with everyone. He is not reserved with people. You don’t have to feel like you have to bow at his feet. He is very simple, and here, in our region, people connect with him very easily.

During the program, try to feel the field of energy that is being created, as it creates some triggers in you, in your aura. It can cause a change in your energy field and it is simply a leap in consciousness. We all know that what we radiate, we attract in life. The simplest thing is to change what we radiate, and then a different life begins for us.

So through questions and answers clarifying your doubts, from the aspect of intellect, you will have a certain clarity, but from the energy aspect, through the heart, you will feel something that may not be described with words. My wish is for at least some of you to experience it tonight and surely you will all feel at least something. We promise that.

We will start with questions and answers, and we’ll see later. We who are attending the program on the pyramids here will have our own unique schedule. If any of you want to join us at the last minute, it is possible to do so.

We will now welcome Mohanji who is arriving, and we are starting the program.

It’s so beautiful to see all of you again.

It’s almost like a reunion, you know when you leave college after a long time.

The great masters have always said, the most aligned state is the state where you were in the womb of your mother. You were totally aligned in the womb. That’s a state of perfect alignment. This is exactly the theory of this pyramid’s perfect alignment.

You know this is a very good time to be at the pyramids. The time is very, very auspicious to be here especially because Saturn is retrograde.

Also, those who are interested in Vedic Astrology will know that this year Saturn is especially interested in money. People are losing money left and right now. So it’s good to cool a little bit in the pyramids to bring back the alignment.

Yeah. So it’s a good time. We have questions.

Yeah, We come to the pyramids every year, more or less. There is a particular reason because whatever has been traditional has always sustained its value. And whatever has been created by the passage of time, that means the time which we live in, has always had certain defects. So, man always tries to connect to something which is permanent, right, that is exactly why we are trying to connect to the path of spirituality, to look for whatever is not impermanent. We are used to something which is relative, which means there is from here to there, there is something which is relative. We are always looking for something which is permanent. So, there is always a sign of tradition or a part of a tradition that provides permanence and those places have always attracted people.

So these pyramids visit, several since we came here the first time. We all loved the energy. I think many of you have been with us from the very first time, and repeatedly we have come here, and each time it was, without any practices or any particular methods or any activity, and people were feeling good, rejuvenated aligned.

And we have had various discussions, even with the founder of the pyramid, Doctor Osmanagic, about the method used by the people or whoever made these pyramids almost 35,000 years ago. So, why, why did they create this, how did they create it, and how has it been sustaining the energy so far, so long?

I would like you, to pay good attention to what I’m going to say, because this
pertains to our path and our spirituality, so this is important to understand and we have discussed this before.

The body, which we have taken only for a period of time in this incarnation, which I talked about earlier lasts for 29,200 days- right for 29,200 days, we are here in this body. That’s all we have is 29,200 days if we live for 80 years. If we live longer, a little bit more, that’s a bonus. We could live a little bit less, but for approximately 29,200 days we are walking on this earth, in this body, and that’s also going through various stages.

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