Selfless Service

Mohanji selfless service
Giving selflessly to all beings, one’s community, animals and birds as well as to serve Earth with an attitude of gratitude is a pillar of Mohanji’s teachings. As the founder of charitable initiatives around the world Mohanji walks the talk.”The only way to pay our debts towards the Mother Earth is to serve its children selflessly. Social service or self-less action of any kind, will relieve you from the accumulating dues and karmas. We must remember this always. Compassion and sincere expressions of kindness will help clear the dues for sure. Talking and sharing opinions will not help. This is also for sure. Hands that help unconditionally are much holier than the lips that pray.” – Mohanji



Volunteers are truly invaluable to Mohanji and Mohanji Foundation. Countless family members around the world contribute consistently to society and the mission each day. Their passion and drive is to raise awareness, uplift more and more souls and contribute to a harmonious existence for all beings on Earth.

If it is your passion is to preserve, accumulate and spread Mohanji’s teachings of purity and unconditional love, we welcome you to join our global volunteer team. Whatever unique skills and interest you may have – from conducting meditations, ashram chores, writing, admin support, translations to transcriptions – the areas where you can support are many. You are sincerely welcome to join us, get involved and immerse yourself deeper into our activities.

“Volunteering keeps me connected. My life has become more meaningful and I feel divine energy working through me during service activities. I feel complete. I feel I always have enough to give”
– Sonal, India