Shahi Snan (Royal Dip) – Kumbh Mela 2019

Mohanji taking Royal Dip at Kumbh Mela 2019

On the most auspicious shahi snaan (royal dip) of this Kumbh Mela on Mauni Amavasya (new moon), Mohanji and the group took holy dips at Triveni Sangam (confluence of three rivers Ganges, Yamuna & mythical Saraswathi). An estimated fifty million devotees participated in this event making it the biggest ever convergence of human faith and culture.

Divine grace was witnessed at every moment by the group. The sun made its presence felt at just the right time to warm up when the group set out for the holy dip. After offering his oblations to the Sun, deities and ancestors, Mohanji took his initial dips. He then allowed each person in the group to offer prostrations and dips to Him and did abhishekam (ritual bathing) on each of them. He then allowed everyone to perform abhishekam on him.

When the group reached the spot to take the dips, a mob of people became completely enamoured by Mohanji, joined in and surrounded the group. They greeted him with cries of Har Har Mahadev (Hail Hail the Great God – Lord Shiva), Bhole Baba ki Jai (Victory to the Innocent One – Lord Shiva) and also Jai Mohanji (after they read His name on the back of the t-shirts). This was surprising because they were complete strangers who had appeared out of the blue and had no apparent connection or knowledge about who Mohanji was. Some of them were emotional and were addressing him as Shiva Baba, Mahadev, etc. As Mohanji made his way back to the boats to head back, they came streaming in and begged to get blessed by Mohanji. Mohanji was in a playful mood and reciprocated by showering blessings on as many of them as possible. The group felt as if the Shiva Ganas (Lord Shiva’s army) came out in full force to welcome their Lord to the royal dip.

The rest of the group then went on to take dips – for themselves, their ancestors, Gurus, Masters, friends, well-wishers and the rest of the beings on this planet. Some even went on braving the cold waters to take over 108 dips.

Mohanji will continue to remain in Prayagraj as a part of the GuruLight Kumbh Mela with Mohanji spiritual pilgrimage from 5th to 11th February.

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