Soul vs Spirit
Soul vs Spirit

Soul vs Spirit

What is the difference between soul and spirit | Mohanji

I’ll try to distinguish between spirit and soul because there could be a possible confusion in this whole exercise. I want to segregate it just for the knowledge’s sake; it is not for writing an examination but for awareness. When I said spirit, the spirit is something that moves, activates, and provides experience. I repeat – the spirit is something that moves, activates, and also helps you to experience. The soul remains as the source; this is the difference I’m telling here.


The Soul

The soul is the source. The soul is not interested, as the petrol of the car, it’s not interested in anything. If you put petrol in the car, the car moves, so you know that there is petrol. Electricity has no interest in the light bulb or washing machine, or television. But if there is no electricity, none of these things works. Simple. It’s like that.


Spirit has a deeper thing; the spirit has an experience part, connected to it. The soul has zero experience part connected to it, everything comes from it, and everything goes back to it, just like silence. 


Silence has no interest in sounds. But where are sounds coming from? Silence. Where do the sounds go to, when sounds die? Silence. Silence is always like the ocean; sounds are like waves. The soul is like the ocean. The spirit is like a wave. Have you understood the difference between these two? That’s why I distinctly kept them separate. 

This is the operating matter. We have a body, mind and intellect, but we don’t know how to use them, or we probably have not been trained. This is why I always say our education system should be to make people aware of themselves, not to teach things from the outside world. Moreover, we should train children to be aware of themselves; what do they consist of? This is very important. We know what we’re talking about.

Spirit has three functional states. 

What is spirit? 

The operational part of the soul. In Hindu terms, we call it Shakti. And what is Shiva? Shiva is the substratum. Shiva is the ocean; Shakti is the wave. Spirit has three states in 24 hours.

Three states 

What are the three states? We experience it every day, all people. The waking state, the dream state, the deep sleep state. So which state are you in now?

Audience: The waking state, maybe.

Mohanji: (laughs) Maybe. Are you sure you’re in a waking state? The snoring state is also the dream state sometimes. If you’re in the waking state, it’s a very important state because this is the state where you have this ownership; this ‘creative you’ exists here because you have an external world to communicate with, in the waking state. In the waking state, we have an external world that’s the main thing. During our waking hours, we deal with a world outside us. 

How do you work with this world? 

By using our organs of perception, organs of action. Five organs of perception – eyes, ears, nose, skin, tongue. Then the organs of action – hands, legs, etc. This is how we interact with this outside world. 


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