Sri Rudram 41 day program – part 2
Sri Rudram 41 day program – part 2

Sri Rudram 41 day program – part 2

Sri Rudram is a powerful Vedic hymn dedicated to Lord Shiva, extolling him as omnipresent in every aspect of nature, beings, movable and immovables etc. Through chanting these divine verses, we request Lord Shiva to turn down his fierce exterior and show us his benevolent form. In the Chamakam, we place all the requests, both material and spiritual, before the compassionate Lord Shiva. Rudram Namakam and Chamakam remind one of Mohanji’s quotes in which Lord Shiva is described as embodying both the microcosm and the macrocosm.

With Mohanji‘s abundant blessings, the 51-day Sri Rudram online sessions conducted by the Himalayan School of Traditional Languages culminated successfully on the 25th of June 2021. This program entailed ten days of learning to chant the Rudram with the right pronunciations and intonations, followed by 41 days of daily practice and chanting in the online sessions.

Mohanji blessed the group for the efforts and insisted that these sessions should be done frequently and consistently. This was Mohanji’s loving message to us all.

“I congratulate all of you for completing the 41-day Rudram chanting effectively, and I congratulate all the people who organized it and conducted it. This is a very powerful thing. At this point in time, when immunity is extremely important, these chants will accent and empower the structure of our constitution. I wish all of you to continue this as best as you can and as long as you can. This will help you to stabilize, strengthen and align yourself. I wish you great success in life, and as always, we are one family; we are together. We will always walk together.

Lots of love – Mohanji

We had several participants from different time zones and in different time slots created to facilitate global chanting. We share some of the heartfelt insights from the participants during the wrap up on the last day of chanting.

Sathya Shivakumar, India

During my children’s summer vacations in May this year; I was contemplating enrolling my son on Sri Rudram classes. He had learnt under professional guidance for almost a year after his Upanayanam and was reciting flawlessly but lost touch as he wasn’t able to chant regularly over the last few years. I thought that summer would be the ideal time when he could dedicate some time to revise what he had already learnt.

A few weeks prior, I was asked to work alongside Revathy, and in my mind, I was visualizing Sri Rudram workshop where like-minded Acharyas and others can learn under professional guidance under the aegis of the Himalayan School of Traditional Languages (HSTL).

Imagine my surprise and delight when Revathy called and said to me, “Sathya, we have to organize Rudram chanting”. My mind raced, “Wow, Can Mohanji hear everything? This is impossible. It appears he does not want us to sit on a bright intention and procrastinate.”

I was really excited. I shared my thoughts on arranging someone well versed in Sri Rudram to conduct the sessions. Revathy voiced her concerns. She told us that Mohanji had mentioned that we have to start this with available resources and not postpone. Mohanji emphasized that, “Sri Rudram purifies the chanter and the environment!”

We had a few planning meetings, and it was decided that we would have three sessions to accommodate the various time zones. I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to lead the chanting during one of the time slots.

I prepared my notes on the meaning of the stanzas of Rudram and also Mohanji’s quotes on Lord Shiva that beautifully describe Lord Shiva as the all-encompassing one. It was suggested that my son could put his Rudram training to use and teach those joining the 3:30 pm IST time slot. Wow! Here I was thinking of having him revise and recollect his training, and now he was being suggested as the trainer! From trainee to a trainer, what a leap! I took it up without hesitation because I felt Mohanji was empowering.

With the participants in the session being much senior to him by age, my son had to put in the effort and intensity to go from being a laid back student to the lead chanter of each session. It was the most unanticipated and yet most practical way of revising what one has learnt. When we teach others, it is indeed a different learning experience. 

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