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Over the years Mohanji has written on various topics and shared many experiences. Most of His writings have been published on His personal blog

Hotter than the Raging Sun

You may think that proximity to a powerful Avadhoota like Atmananda meant that we got to discuss deeper levels of spirituality all the time. On the contrary, we hardly spoke spiritual matters. I found the same when Atmananda met other powerful masters. They discussed nothing – literally nothing spiritual. To me, the meeting of two masters felt like two suns merging to give more light. No words (medium) were needed.

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Mohanji’s essays, correspondences and transcribed Questions & Answers during spiritual gatherings. are shared in the Question and Answer Blogs.

A Yogi's Exit

A Yogi’s Exit

After Yogacharya Sanjay’s (fondly known as Sanjay Sir) sudden demise in a road accident in Jammu, on 9th May 2018, the entire Mohanji Global family was in shock and deep state of sadness. Many questions and doubts cropped up regarding the reasons behind the sudden demise and the manner of exit especially because those who knew him felt that he was a true yogi who was deeply connected to Mohanji. Also, there were questions regarding what could be done to help the soul. Mohanji patiently answered most of these questions in spite of his tight schedule of travels and programmes. We have collated the responses in a question and answer format since we feel that it is very relevant to most people.

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Being with Mohanji physically or staying connecting to the guru principle in consciousness, each gives us unique spiritual experiences. Owning our experiences, acknowledging them and detaching from them aids our spiritual journey. Over the years many such experiences of people have been published in this blog.

Mohanji, The Eternal Guru

Mohanji, The Eternal Guru

“When a student is ripe and ready, the teacher just needs to add a spark and everything lights up.”
Ekalavya, a famous character from the great epic Mahabharata in ancient India, illustrated an exemplary discipleship towards his Guru, Shree Dronacharya – the Guru of Pandavas and Kauravas. Being refused the proximity of the great master, Ekalavya did not give up and built a statue of his Master. With complete surrender and utmost faith and devotion, he started learning archery. He became a better archer than even Arjuna, the best archer the world knows!
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Some of Mohanji’s writings uptill 2014 have been collated and published as a book – The Power of Purity: Path to Liberation. It comprises all you ever wanted to know about spiritual paths, progress and liberation.