Biljana Vozarevic from Novi Sad, Serbia

I was excited to learn and present a Yoga session by HSTY on 21st June for IDY. When I saw a lot of mantras, I was not set aback, I learnt them by heart and am willing to use them in my future practice. I was excited to share this amazing chance to feel and practice Yoga in its original form, with appropriate sequencing while being deeply connected with the divine within. With Sanjay Sir’s consultations and dedication, I managed and the group enjoyed in a relaxed and easy way in fresh air in our green summer Futoski park. Peaceful, easy asanas accompanied with mantras and laughter at the end was not only well accepted but also enjoyed with full heart. The asanas are simple, yet energising and the feeling of love permeated all the session. Gratitude to Sanjay Sir and Mohanji for bringing Yoga in this pure and original form to the world, to lead people to higher states of well-being and awareness.