Devi Mohan from Novi Sad, Serbia

In June 2016, during the Yoga and Detox Retreat with Mohanji in Croatia, we had the pleasure of experiencing beautiful Yoga sessions with Sanjay Sir as per the program of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga. The bhaav (feeling) with which Sanjay Sir conducted daily Yoga sessions touched our hearts. It felt as if throughout each session he prayed for all of us to truly experience the depth of Yogic practice. Mantras and Pranayamas interwoven with the asanas took us deep within.

Morning sessions by the sea during sunrise were exceptionally beautiful. They were mild, suitable to people of all fitness levels, while afternoon sessions were more intense, for more advance practitioners. Every day we learned something new as the tempo and intensity of practice increased. Individual consultations with Sanjay Sir, during which he amazed us with his knowledge of human body and its meridians, were deeply appreciated by all. As a Yoga teacher I was deeply touched, humbled and impressed. I truly look forward to seeing HSTY blossom as more people experience its immense benefits. I hope to be able to contribute to the same.