Yohan on Yoga Nidra

What I experienced during the Awakening Yoga Nidra in London was beyond the description by any words known to me, but here it goes. I always wanted to know what is Guru Tattwa. Without the experience, they are just two words. I asked a few people and no one gave a satisfactory explanation. So I accepted it with a thought that maybe someday I will find that out. That day was 10 February 2018 when Devi Mohan led us through the Awakening Yoga Nidra.

As we were guided through the deep relaxation, I could feel every subtle connection as the process opened up gateways for the sublime energies to flow directly from the masters, avatars and the aspects of Divine that were invoked. These were further enhanced by the mantras which were played and which Devi chanted. The energy behind these mantras was revealed directly. This is indeed a rare gift which should be shared with humanity.

The cleansing part of the Awakening Yoga Nidra was very powerful. Little did I know what was still buried within me. The hurt and pain was revealed but also quickly and effortlessly dissolved in the golden light. Seeing and accepting this inner reality as a witness avoided any further bindings.
At one point, every cell of my body melted into the golden light of love, pure love, and just kept on expanding and expanding. Then all the masters came. The energy just kept on growing. This was the Guru Tattwa, the Guru Principle. I was experiencing it so intensely, melting in the bliss beyond words. Tears of gratitude flowed. I now finally understood what Guru Tattwa is and how I am also part of this sacred principle, if I choose to consciously remember that connection.

Experience of Divine Mother was especially intense. Being pure and then bathed in the cosmic consciousness of her pure, unconditional, motherly love – what Prema, oh what Divine love! Tears flowing. In bliss. This was her unseen food, her unseen annadaanam, her unseen nourishment for the whole cosmos, for the whole of humanity and mother earth.

Tears of gratitude, bliss and love continued to flow during Arati in the end. What an unexpected blessing. Thank you Devi, Mohanji, Shirdi Sai, Sathya Sai, Babaji, Mother, to all the Masters and to all those in service to humanity, mother earth and the cosmos.

In light, love & gratitude,