The Master’s Role
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The Master’s Role

What we need to understand is that Shirdi is not attracting people by default. But we should also understand why lots of people visit a place. Of course, it is because of the experiences that they have. Each one of them has their own experience, which attracts them to the place.

Fulfilling desires

Secondly, it is a kind of desire or a place to fulfil their desires. But you can’t pin a Master with your desires. The Masters are not sitting there, sitting like wish-fulfilling trees, to just provide for your desires. And sometimes, when you come across a Master, your pains intensify because your lifetimes are getting reduced. That’s why Shirdi Sai Baba asked one person, “You have come to me to fulfil your desires. If I give you something which is not what you expected, will you receive it, and will you accept it?” 

Projection of the mind

Most people would say, “No, we would like to get what we asked for, or what we want.” Very few people will say, “Whatever you give, I will receive.” What a Master will give is good for you. It might be a bitter pill, but it might be the right pill for you to cross the ocean of existence. The Master gives the fastest possible route. We may not understand because our mind has desires set in. The mind is fed by impressions. The mind by itself cannot be functioning. It’s almost like a silver screen; it needs input for it to show images. The mind is the projector; the mind is also projecting. Mind is projecting, and the silver screen is the canvas that we experience the world.

What data it gets are the desires. Desires are getting projected. Desires happen as thoughts; thoughts mature to words, expressions, and expressions mature to actions.

Thoughts vs expressions

So, numerous thoughts do not even get expressions, they don’t mature into expressions, and numerous expressions may not even become actions. This is how the cycle of karma works. In the cycle of karma – lots of thoughts, lesser expressions, still lesser actions, and when actions happen at thought-level, word-level, action-level, what we experience is based on our orientation. What we experience is as per what we are, not what it is about, what exactly it is. As per our orientation, we experience, and that memory is as per how we experience, the memory gets stored in our system – that is, it gets stored in our layers, koshas, sheaths. But not all the experiences get stored- only experiences which we experienced with certain emotions get stored.


If an experience happens, if there’s no emotion, it’s just plain and simple; it will not get stored. Now, even if it is not our experience, if it’s somebody’s words, somebody else’s experience, and they told us with a lot of emotions, which triggered emotions in us, that also gets stored. Even if we watch a feature film and we felt it emotionally, we experienced it emotionally, that can get stored. Everything which the memory maintains is connected to storage. And that reproduces as a potential experience later. Like we would go to a restaurant, we had a great meal, and another time when people talk about going to a restaurant, we would say, “Let’s go to this restaurant”, because we have a memory, we have a memory of a particular experience. This is how we experience life.

Breaking patterns

So our life is almost like a pattern; it goes round and round. When you meet a Master like Sai Baba, they will try to break this pattern. When patterns are broken, it’s very painful because we are used to them. We have made them our comfort zones. We have started believing that without these comfort zones, existence has no value, just like our relations. We have connected to our parents, to our relatives, to various people very deeply. If some of them leave, we feel miserable because we started making their connection a habit. We started feeling them as part of our existence, just like our hands or legs. 

Master’s gift

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