Weekend Program with Devi Mohan, South Africa | 22nd – 25th Sep 2017

Navarathri is an auspicious time where we celebrate the Divine Mother. We celebrate Her love, compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love and Her leela (divine play) that make us better people and better bhakthas (devotees). We are honored to host Devi Mohan, an esteemed disciple and wife of our beloved Guruji and Father. During this sacred time of Navarathri, it will be greatly advantageous for us to connect to our Beloved Brahmarishi Mohanji and through Him access the shakthi (divine
power) of the Divine Mother.

We would like to announce a wonderful opportunity to have a blissful experience over four days through a residential retreat in Durban from Friday 22nd September till Monday 25th September (a public holiday) at Vuleka Centre, Botha’s Hill.

The retreat will consist of satsang, meditation, yoga, Yoga Nidra, experience sharing, Mai-Tri healing, and group puja interactions. It’s going to be a jam-packed event of spiritual energy and blessings from Mohanji.

The retreat includes accommodation from Friday afternoon till Monday morning with vegan meals. We have surrounded ourselves with unnecessary noise, both physically and energetically. The idea is to go back to basics and live simply during the retreat. The simple living, simple food and intense energy is aimed at cleansing the noise that is around us all.


Start: 22nd September 2017 (Friday)
End: 25th September 2017 (Monday – Public Holiday)


Vuleka Centre,
142 Old Main Rd, Bothas Hill, Durban, 3610, South Africa


We have very limited number of available seats. For further information and to enquire about availability, please email southafrica@mohanji.org, or contact Jayashree at 0795851210 or Delo at 0725959933.

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