Weekend Programme with Mohanji in London Begins!

The Weekend Programme with Mohanji in London began very well this evening. Mohanji arrived shortly after we finished the most delicious vegan dinner, to hold a brief introduction and satsang to begin the evening. Many questions and answers touched on similar themes to that of the public satsang on 1st June. There was much laughter and joy in the room tonight as Mohanji began to clear heavinesses. The energy and rush of the bhajans sent many into blissful states of dance, creating tears and smiles of joy. Tomorrow the real work begins…

Prior to that, on the 1st of June 2017, we were fortunate enough to be held in the presence of Brahmarishi Mohanji and his wonderful wife and daughter in Pinner Hall as He conducted an intensely purifying Bliss of Silence meditation, followed by the powerful Shiva Kavacha and an interesting satsang…
Mohanji spoke on many topics, ranging from the nature of the soul, to the effects of consuming food coming from violence – whilst also conveying profound nuggets of truth and delivering often with much wit and humour – but one point of conversation which stood out repeatedly, was the emphasis on knowing yourself.
Connecting to yourself, spending time with yourself, gaining awareness that you ARE spirit…and this is what makes us inherently spiritual.
Many souls left with lighter hearts than when they came. Thank you Mohanji for your light this evening.

During this tour, UK will experience the bliss and warmth of the Master through various Satsangs, weekend program and Meditations. To know more, please check the Events Section.

Meanwhile, enjoy watching the recording of the 1st June Satsang held at Pinner, UK.

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