What you are looking for, you already have!
What you are looking for, you already have!

What you are looking for, you already have!

Spiritual Master Mohanji has his domicile in Slovenia.

Mohanji is a new rising star of spirituality. His teachings are followed by thousands of people from around the world. He is a guru or, in other words, a spiritual master. He calls himself an ordinary man. People who follow his teachings describe him as modest and humble. He is known to be a humanitarian who helps people in need with his foundations and volunteers from around the globe – they’ve planted a large number of trees, the most recent ones being fruit trees on his property in Sv. Ana pri Lenartu, where he is constructing a centre and a home with his wife Devi and daughter Mila.

The 56-year-old Mohan Kesavan Mohanji from Kerala (India), with a Master’s degree in English literature, was ‘sentenced’ to success at birth. He was born in India into a family of a higher class. His father was a successful orthopaedic surgeon, and, by tradition, his mother took care of the family. His brother is also highly educated. Their lives have followed a certain order and tradition, as in all ‘good’ Indian families. 

His wife was chosen for him by his family, he was happy with the choice, got married, and their daughter was born three years later. They named her Ammu. At that time, he was working in the shipping industry and was very successful in his work. When he was 35 years old, he was already in a position that people with a lot of experience usually get somewhere around the age of 50. He had everything that could be bought with money, but on the inside, he felt empty.

The tragedy that changed everything

The bright spot in his life was his daughter Ammu. Mohan loved her, and he enjoyed being a father. She taught him about the deep unconditional love that can overcome all obstacles. Then came August 23, 2000 – the day he will never forget. At the age of five, Ammu died in a tragic car accident. That day everything changed for Mohan. His life lost meaning.

He felt paralysed when so many people expressed their condolences. “They were telling me that they were sorry for my loss, but I felt false compassion. What I had lost could not be returned by anyone – it was lost forever.” The worst time of his life came, everything around him began to crumble. He fell ill; his financial investments began to fall; he and his wife divorced after a few years. He became more and more immersed in himself and thought deeply about the meaning of life. His friends began to leave him. He was at the bottom.


He knew deep inside that something had to change. Never in his life has he followed the teachings of gurus, but he knew that he had to find a solution within himself. He just did not know how. He visited the silence of the Himalayas in the year 2000. There he sat in a cave, immersed in thought. He thought about life. He did not know of any medical technique to practice. The first time, he stayed there for two months. “I felt good there. Nobody cared who I was or what I was; it was not important how I was dressed; if I wore shoes or not. I felt the freedom, the simplicity of life. I go the feeling I was home.” 

After two months, Mohan went back to work, but he kept returning to the Himalayas. “In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. I don’t know how to say this; I was looking for something permanent, something that has always been and will never pass.” When he sat in his Himalayan cave, he started focusing on his spine. He was always thinking of it. 

Meditation and exploring the inner world became his passion and an everyday routine. He reorganised a room in his house so that it looked similar to the cave. There was a small lamp in the corner. During meditation, his eyes stared at the gleam of light – his mind focused on the spine. For six years, he woke up at 02:30 every morning, took a bath, and sat in a room and meditated – every day, for five hours!

When the noise ends, silence takes over 

“I was living a normal ‘outdoor’ life. I was working, many times, business meetings dragged on late at night, but that didn’t distract me from my routine. Despite going home late, I was up at half-past two in the morning,” he says. 

After six years, he heard an inner voice telling him to write. So, he wrote. He wrote about everything except religion and politics. His hard work bore fruit. He started feeling silence on the inside – silence which brings deep peace and thus contentment to a person. He continued his meditation and focus, working on how to transfer the awareness of this inner silence he had discovered within himself into daily life. 

This is also the biggest problem for all spiritual seekers, who somehow reach the silence within themselves, but do not know how to keep it. In everyday life, peace and silence disappear. Spiritual masters are a great help in the search, and I do not know anyone who could find the holy grail within themselves. Mohanji says that a person could explore on their own and come to the ‘divine’ within themselves if they focus and develop the habit of regularly meditating. He is the best proof of that. But, in my opinion, this is a much harder path.

What does it mean for a human to find the silence within or the divine in all of us? Mohanji describes an event that happened to him while he was working. “It was a very chaotic day. We were saving a sinking ship as big as the Titanic. There was chaos on the scene, a lot of people; everyone was under terrible stress. There was screaming; rescue machines were working at full steam. The noise was unbearable; we worked for 48 hours – in short, a chaos of epic proportions! And in the midst of that excruciating noise, I heard the silence within me, complete peace surrounded me, and I kept working.”

Why do you not bring the peace home? 

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