Conscious Walking

Mohanji Youth Club (MYC) was Mohanji’s vision to create a group of highly motivated young individuals who would be living examples of unconditional love and selfless service. Under the guidance of the Master, MYC has taken birth.

The purpose of this club is to unite youngsters worldwide who are ready to create a bright future for our planet. Our mission is to live a life filled with kindness, compassion, unconditional love and inner richness through selfless service AND to lead by example a benevolent existence in the society and become pillars of strength against all odds.

Our motto is “BORN TO SERVE”.

We shall touch the roots of sufferings, wars, poverty, as well as soothe these with actions of selfless service.

A tree never uses its own shade. A lamp never uses its own light. They give unconditionally. May you remain the flame of the lamp in all its glory. May you always remain a beacon of light representing the eternal TRUTH of existence, beyond all duality that human beings suffer from – MOHANJI

Ask yourself these questions: Where are worldwide poverty, hunger, wars and conflicts coming from? How can we get to the cause and change it? Just like thinking big is important, small things make life beautiful: How can we soothe these difficult times? What activities on a daily/weekly/monthly basis could make at least one face smile?

We serve the world through good living, good action, no exploitation, compassion, kindness and love. We help each other at all times. We shall not cheat, steal or lie. We shall always be honest and humble. We shall not participate in any kind of violent acts. The road we choose is being an example of love and peace through selfless service.

We have taken a lot from the world, all these years. Our selfish existence for self gratification has not helped the world at all. We have been selfishly taking from the earth much more than we have given back, yet we have been complaining too. Just think for a moment, what have we given back to the world? If you have done nothing for the chidlren of Mother Earth as yet, it is time. It is high time. This is indeed a wakeup call – MOHANJI

We invite all youngsters (age 18-30 years) who are deeply connected to Mohanji to join us in this endeavour! If interested, please fill the online application below or write to us at for more details.

Also, you can also join us on Facebook to get news, views and updates on all our activities happening across the world.