Guided Forgiveness Meditation

Reduce the weight and patterns of the past. Move in life with ease, fluidity and complete freedom
Forgiveness Process is a deep transformation process created and delivered by Mohanji to reduce the weight of painful and traumatic memories from the known and unknown past. These memories often bind us and their weight saps our energy.
The way in which we accumulate these memories is based on us feeling strong negative emotions towards certain people, places, situations and experiences from the past. Our inability to forgive and move on forces us to continuously carry this inner weight.
Consequently, this prevents us from moving forward in life with ease, fluidity and complete freedom of a fresh experience in the here and now.

How Does the Forgiveness Process Work?

During this process, Mohanji will guide you how to reduce this weight, and the patterns that we have accumulated because of these painful and disturbing memories from the past, in a simple and effective manner.
Once this clutter is removed, our life becomes light and free flowing, and forgiveness towards those who have caused this already cleared clutter happens by default, effortlessly.
In this way, Mohanji is helping us to make the best use of this lifetime, for better, much higher purposes.
The Forgiveness Process is guided by Mohanji.

How It Works?

  • Step 1: Click the relevant button and make a payment of USD $ 25 (outside India) or INR 1800 (within India)

  • Step 2:You will receive a link within 24 hours of payment to access the audio file of the forgiveness process.

  • Step 3: You activate your link and experience the process. Please note the link will be valid only for 24 hours from activation.