Learn to handle every situation of life without emotion, using intellect and progress on the path to liberation.
Join this 7-day Interactive Online Workshop with Mohanji
Live liberated with awareness!

Awareness is the conduit to consciousness:

When you become purified with perfect awareness about yourself and devotion to supreme consciousness, the TRUTH reveals itself to you through consistent connection. Reality shines forth. All you need is to pay attention to the God within you with full awareness.
Dare to experience life:
Experience life as it appears to you. Do not resist it. Experience it as it comes. Believe in your own experiences and not others’ words. Depend only on your experiences, even though it may not be the absolute truth.
Find yourself, explore, improve yourself. By knowing yourself, you know the universe. Experience the universe by experiencing yourself.

Liberation is a lifestyle, it's not a practice. It’s a state.

Why is This Interactive Online Workshop So Powerful?

The Empowered series of Workshops are personally designed and delivered by Mohanji to allow people to realise their true potential – i.e. to awaken the Master material within them. While the first workshop was all about “Knowing You”, the subsequent workshops are focussed on “Being You” and reaching your full potential.

Key aspects of this workshop:

  • Deep content delivered in a simple and practical format – Mohanjis guidance is very deep and transformative but yet brought in a very simple, understandable and easy to implement way
  • Real-time results – live sessions for 9 consecutive days
  • Actionable from the start – daily techniques and practices to help introspect and contemplate
  • Focus on transformation – the sessions are designed to bring a complete shift in your approach to life. You’ll get to learn how to reset your mindsets, your beliefs, your habits and your priorities for a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Accountability from being part of a supportive group – you’ll join a strong community of other participants on this journey; by sharing experiences and supporting each other, the overall journey is made more enriching
  • Direct, personal one-to-one time with Mohanji – The online format allows each person to literally have a one-to-one session with Mohanji (virtually). Further, there are opportunities for direct Q&A with Mohanji over the course of the workshop.
Beyond these factors, Mohanji’s guidance and energy works on our subconscious minds to tackle any fears, doubts and blocks that our logical (conscious) mind simply can’t reach. This is delivering powerful results as evidenced from the scores of testimonials from participants.

Spirituality means finding the truth within oneself which brings forth mastery over mind-matter.

How the Program Works

Over the next couple of months, Mohanji and Mohanji Acharyas will personally guide program participants on a powerful path to uncover the deep-rooted limiting beliefs that are blocking us from reaching our full potential, ultimate truth and freedom from the mind. You will have the opportunity to replace self doubt with empowering ultimate truths that allow you to live the life you desire and experience true freedom.
Each week you will be able to join live sessions with Mohanji Acharyas and Mohanji, and also access the recordings. This program is about taking action and making a change.

Empowered 4.0 Contribution

Minimum contribution of 95 Euros
  • Any higher contributions are highly appreciated, as every contribution goes towards benevolent activities by the Mohanji Foundation. Proceeds will go towards nurturing and developing spaces for people to do consistent sadhana and lead a life of liberation. In other words, spaces where people can live and practise the teachings from this program. All activities from Mohanji Foundation are oriented towards helping people reach liberation.


Mohanji’s Online (ZOOM) Live Sessions in English will be delivered in the schedule below:
8th May – 14th May
7 days live sessions with Mohanji
Weekdays one and a half hours, weekends (Saturday and Sunday) two hours

8.00 am New York (EST)
5.00 am Los Angeles (PST)
1.00 pm UK (BST)
2.00 pm Central Europe (CET)
2.00 pm South Africa (SAST)

4.00 pm UAE (GST)
5.30 pm India (IST)
7.00 pm Malaysia (MYT)
10.00 pm Australia (AEDT)