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Violence is violence, irrespective of the species it is inflicted on. When we turn a blind eye to the murder of billions of birds

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About Us

Mohanji Foundation UK is a registered charity whose mission is to share the spiritual teachings, tools and meditations of a spiritual teacher and world-renowned humanitarian, Mohanji. Mohanji’s values of unconditional love, non-violence and selflessness inspire all the work we do.

About MCB

We gather to make our commitment to become free from suffering and help people with the physical space for the refinement and spiritual upliftment of mankind. A place which is a living demonstration of compassion and benevolence to all beings. A place of rejuvenation for the body, mind and soul through spiritual practices, yoga, meditation, and vegan food.


may 2023

27mayAll DayPurity in Benevolence – A Day with Mohanji in London

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