Conscious Walking

Conscious Walking is a dynamic walking meditation technique given to us by Brahmarishi Mohanji. The philosophy behind Conscious Walking is linked heavily to ancient Vedic and Buddhist principles and practices. It works on multiple levels, bringing you to present moment awareness.

When CW is performed with full awareness, it is both a good form of exercise AND also a way to train the mind to remain in the present moment, in the NOW. “Most of us live in the future, which causes negligence of the present and anxiety over the future. Conscious Walking signifies being in the present and being in your own aura field. There is no energy loss. When energy circulates within your own aura field, most of the acquired blockages are dissolved.

Benefits of Conscious Walking include:

  • – Good for health, metabolism, digestion, circulation and Life,
  • – Helps self-control,
  • – Reduces anxieties, anger, insecurities and fears,
  • – Increases concentration,
  • – Increases togetherness and oneness.

Mohanji and group Conscious Walking
Mohanji walking on the banks of Lake Mansarovar, Tibet, China
Mohanji and group conscious walking

Brahmarishi Mohanji says 30 minutes of Conscious Walking can be as effective as 3 hours of sitting meditation. Furthermore, some people may find this easier and more natural than sitting meditation. When they sit they may feel bored, tense, or be easily distracted. The mind does not settle. Walking meditation can thus help to develop clarity and strength of mind, and a concentration that can carry over into other less active meditation postures.Many globally have been practising Conscious Walking out in nature, in community parks, gardens, school gardens and forests.


Here are some blog posts that provide in-depth details of Conscious Walking


Our global community is ever growing and currently active in 13 different countries around the world. Conscious Walking is conducted at various locations worldwide from the US, to Canada, the UK, South Africa, Serbia, Macedonia, India, Malaysia, etc.

All our upcoming events across the world will be available on the Contact Us page.

Interested groups around the world who would like to learn, practise and spread Conscious Walking may kindly write to

Bridget Chen
Mirjana Kocevska
Dejan Jovanovic
Dragana Tesanovic
Krishna Kumar
Manu Gupta
Trishla Jain
Sanjay Acharya
Marijana Milutinovic
Biljana Vozarevic
Anil Hedge
Keshnie Pillay
Smriti Mathur


Some of the effects which I experience from Conscious Walking are stability, higher awareness for the inner processes, deep peace, higher energy and personal will powerThe feeling of peace and bliss which is achieved with Conscious Walking is invaluableConscious Walking enabled me to, easier than never before, realise my own inner power of healingI would recommend Conscious Walking to everyone because it's both dynamic and easy and the results are the same as after deep meditationFor the first time today 10 years after my spine surgery, I jogged all the way down to the beach for 20min and came walking up without stopping or taking any support! I could never walk like this before the Conscious Walk!After every Conscious Walking, I have a feeling of tranquility, peacefulness, safety and fullnessAs I gradually become aware of the gaps between breathing in and breathing out, the breathing itself becomes slower, the gaps become longer and a wonderful state of peace sets in.This meditation has continuous effects which can be felt for days after meditating with the focus leading towards the inner selfThroughout the Conscious Walking, the body slowly relaxes, then comes a feeling of freshness and freedom. The mind is sometimes too talkative, but I don't listen to it. In some moments, everything disappears except breathing.It has a tremendous balming effect on the whole being and sets the mental state in such a mode that I function perfectly entered and calm inspite of all circumstances outside, even inside of me, ups and downsBy bringing awareness to my spine, I enter a powerful state. When I walk, I feel everything around me in peace like in the mother's womb



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