Conscious Walking - Guided Walking Meditation

Reduce anxiety and anger, increase self-confidence and balance your life
Conscious Walking™ is a dynamic guided walking meditation created by Mohanji and launched on International Yoga Day, 21 June 2015. The philosophy behind Conscious Walking™ is rooted in ancient Vedic and Buddhist principles and practices. This simple yet very transformative technique is available free of cost and people can easily practice and adapt to the Conscious Walking™ lifestyle regardless of age or gender. As with most of Mohanji’s techniques, the simplicity of the technique belies its immense transformative power

Why Conscious Walking?

The eyes use up a great deal of energy from our system. An oscillating mind that travels between past and future, rarely stopping in the present consumes a huge amount of our energy.
The more energy we have in the present moment, the better quality of life we can achieve. When we walk unconsciously, letting our senses loose, we spend much more energy than usual.
However, in Conscious Walking™, our eyes are locked down to one foot ahead of us, and our attention remains within our aura field, i.e. our energy field.
Even though we are walking, with our eyes locked within our energy field, the energy loss is reduced. When our energy circulates within our own energy field, we become totally energized and rejuvenated.
If properly done, a 30 minute Conscious Walking™ practice is as effective as a 3 hour meditation.


  • Step 1: Keep your spine erect.

  • Step 2: Keep your neck slightly bent.

  • Step 3: Keep your chest open.

  • Step 4: Keep your shoulders straight.

  • Step 5: Be always aware of your spine.

  • Step 6: Walk with eyes focused one foot in front of your feet.


Increases equilibrium and balance in life
Increases energy and integrit
Reduces anxiety and worries
Increases Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
Helps Self-control
Lesser emotional blockages
Presence of mind
Better clarity and purposefulness
More immunity towards negativities
Increases concentration
Reduces anger, insecurities and fears


Q: Can parents hold on to their children as they walk consciously, by carrying them, pushing them in a pram, or holding their hand?
No. Then, the attention will waver. This walk is a meditation. We can call it a dynamic meditation because the body is in motion while we experience stillness of spine and eyes. Any connection with another being will be a distraction to the practice.
Q: If people need to say something should we stop and say it and then continue, or should there be total silence?
Avoid talking while walking. It will result in distraction. This walk increases concentration, self-control and presence. So, if you must talk or express something – stop, talk, and then continue.
Q: If you are doing the Conscious Walking™ alone, can it be done on a treadmill?
Conscious Walking™ should be done on stable grounds. Treadmill is not a stable ground, hence it is not suitable for Conscious Walking TM .
Q: Are we allowed to drink water or electrolytes during the Conscious Walking™?
Conscious Walking™ will not exceed 30 minutes, because attention will waver beyond that period. Walking consciously several times a day is recommended, rather than walking for a longer time. So, water may not be needed while walking. You can drink water before your walk or after, otherwise attention will waver. Consider this a practice of meditation. During meditation, we don’t drink water. Walking consciously is meditating.
Q: Is there any particular speed we should walk at?
Walk slowly. Walk with full awareness. Walk sufficiently slowly so that you do not lose focus.
Q: Is there any particular speed we should walk at?
Walk slowly. Walk with full awareness. Walk sufficiently slowly so that you do not lose focus.
Q: Can children practice Conscious Walking™ too? If yes, from what age?
Children from the age of 5 and above can do Conscious Walking TM .
Q: Can you kindly advise on how important the 1-foot distance is for this practice? I found that looking ahead 4 or 5 feet was more manageable and practical to avoid bumping into people or objects even if the street is not so busy. I imagine that this may also be the case in woodlands or parks, though less so.
Your aura expands to at least 1 foot around your physical body. When looking 1 foot ahead, the energy circulates within the aura field. If you look beyond, you are leaving your aura field. It would be good to practice it in parks and places where ground is even and predictable. Conscious Walking™ is not recommended while walking on streets and it can be dangerous. Also, looking ahead 4-5 feet is not part of Conscious Walking™ and will not give the effects and benefits of the technique.

Learn More

If you’d like to watch Mohanji speak about the benefits of Conscious Walking™ visit this link. If you’d like to read testimonials by practitioners from around the globe visit this link. If you’d like to learn more about other advanced techniques which enhance the effects of Conscious Walking™ you can read more at the following link. To download our Conscious Walking TM brochure click here.
Our global community is ever growing and currently active in 13 different countries around the world. Conscious Walking is conducted at various locations worldwide in the US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, India, Malaysia, etc.
If you would like to learn more or have any questions regarding Conscious WalkingTM, Please contact our Conscious Walking Team at