Do you intend to attend Empowered 5.0 with Mohanji?

Have you missed any of the previous Empowered programs?

Don’t worry!
You can join the previous Empowered programs 1.0 to 4.0 with the Empowered trainers, who are personally trained by Mohanji to deliver these programs to you, from 17th July to 12th August 2023.

About Empowered with Mohanji - 1.0 to 4.0 facilitated by Trainers

Empowered 1.0 to 4.0 programs were personally delivered by Mohanji previously and are now guided by Empowered Trainers using Mohanji’s videos and other study materials. These programs help people to understand and recognise their true selves and thus leading to mastery over their minds.
These 4 programmes are prerequisites for one to attend the next program in this series – Empowered 5.0 which will be conducted by Mohanji directly in-person. Empowered 5.0 will take you deeper, penetrating the silence within through intense practices and techniques given by Mohanji.

From Empowered 1 and 2, I learnt not to get disturbed or distracted by thoughts. I also learnt to value myself more instead of feeling helpless. I was soon able to put this learning into practice during Empowered 3. During the initial days of Empowered 3, there have been many distractions that have caused frustration when I tried to ignore it. I was able to observe myself going through these distractions, practice the simple techniques taught by Mohanji. To my surprise, the shift would take place immediately. This helped me accept the situation I was in and make the right choice required at that point in time.

Who can join Empowered 1.0 to 4.0?

New Participants: Anyone who has not attended any of the Empowered with Mohanji series previously, can join these 4 programmes.

Repeat Participants: All participants who have previous;y attended the Empowered 1.0 to Empowered 4.0 with Mohanji or online courses or programmes with trainers, can also participate in these programmes again. 

What will be covered in the Empowered 1.0 to 4.0 programmes?

The Empowered trainers will facilitate each programme with a package of 12 hours per program worth of Mohanji’s Empowered teachings through

Mohanji’s original videos from each Empowered series

Special Empowered Techniques given by Mohanji

Contemplation exercises

Diving deep into the topics through group discussions

Question & answer sessions

and above all, a friendly environment that will help you in your journey towards mastery!
Empowered 1.0 by Mohanji Trainers 2023

EMPOWERED 1.0 - Knowing yourself

This online course is a RARE and EXCITING opportunity to embark on a journey of SELF EXPLORATION and SELF-DISCOVERY.
You will learn to
  • How to elevate your frequency.
  • Techniques to maintain your frequency and inner levels of purity.
  • Techniques to help you be in the present moment.
  • To identify distractions in life and be more focused on life goals.
  • How to fully accept and flow through life situations with ease.
  • To identify patterns that inhibit self-growth and how to break free from limiting patterns.
  • How to break free from the outside world and focus on the inside.
  • How to truly let go of past traumatic experiences and use challenges as opportunities for spiritual elevation.

EMPOWERED 2.0 - Being yourself

Have you embarked on your journey to understanding your true self? Are you ready to take another step forward on your journey? During the Empowered 2.0 program, you will embark on the deeper work of replacing negative patterns of thinking and behaving, with a positive state of mind and positive actions. The program will help you stop waiting for others and circumstances to change and empower you to take destiny into your own hands. By showing you how to take full responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, you can begin to attain the results you desire.
You will learn to
  • Learn to connect to your SELF
  • Gain stability and an ability to respond (and not react) to situations
  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs, habits and patterns
  • Consciously unhook from binding attachments
  • Embrace a mindset of fearlessness
  • Understand the role of purpose in leading a meaningful life, and realise your full potential
  • Awaken to the higher consciousness and experience true and lasting changes within
Experience freedom from within
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EMPOWERED 3.0 - Maintaining stability

Consciously unhooking from the deep patterns that you identified in Empowered 2.0, and crossing the threshold of knowing and being yourself, you move towards ‘Maintaining stability’ with total awareness and acceptance.
You will learn to
  • Understand your reality through perfecting awareness
  • Develop spontaneous detachment through practices
  • Understand the operations of the mind based on the level of intellect you operate from
  • Contemplate on the different traps that prevents you from achieving your purpose
  • Learn to operate from a level of higher frequency and move towards the light
  • Learnt to practice freedom

EMPOWERED 4.0 - Experience mind mastery

‘Experiencing mind mastery’ is the crucial step on the way towards mastering yourself. Here you gain clarity and learn to rewire your inner software realising your potential and purpose of life. This paves the way for leading a meaningful life.
You will
  • Gain clarity and rewire your inner software
  • Learn conscious consumption through the body, mind and intellect
  • Learn to walk the chosen path
  • Learn to shift  from unconscious living to conscious living
  • Learn to shift from ignorance to awareness
  • Understand  this journey of life and the various states that you walk through in life
  • Touch that inner space of stillness and peace through practices
Inner peace and life in balance concept


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Empowered programs

50 - 95 (for each individual sessions)
  • Empowered 1: 17th-22nd July
  • Empowered 2: 24th-29th July
  • Empowered 3: 31st-5th August
  • Empowered 4: 7th-12th August