About Mai-Tri

What is Mai-Tri Method ?

Mai-Tri Method is a highly effective and profound method of deep cleansing and harmonizing, which leads to the healing and restoration of inner balance at all levels.
The seeds of our karmic impressions are stored in the causal body (Karana Sarira) – the subtlest & innermost layer of our existence. We may not recognise and understand the root cause of our physical/mental issues which are often the manifestation of our subconscious blockages. Mai-Tri Method helps to unhook such deep seated impressions & patterns from the causal layer addressing the root cause and bringing inner cleansing. It is important to note that the Mai-Tri Method works in accordance with the karmic laws – healing happens as much as karmically allowed. The client’s receptivity, faith, and intention for healing will make this process effective.
Mai-Tri method is not a technique for Past life regression or Future prediction.

Mai-Tri Method

What happens during Mai-Tri Method process?

The Mai-Tri practitioner connects directly to the source – Mohanji’s Consciousness, and the energy flows through the energy centers (chakra) of the client all the way to the causal layer. This leads to:
    • Cleansing of the painful impressions and memories and their effects gathered in the present life, starting with early childhood;

    • Cleansing of the impressions of the past from the subconscious mind;

    • Cleansing of the central meridian in order to remove blockages and improve the flow of energy through it.
During this connection with the Source, the practitioner operates as the pure conduit for the smooth flow of energy from Mohanji’s consciousness. There is no ownership, or doer-ship by the practitioner, no individual abilities and capabilities, only the pure intention to serve the client with honesty, neutrality and objectiveness. This enables the healing to happen, depending on the karmic allowance and the client’s receptivity & free will.

Mai-Tri Method, for the practitioner, is meditation with a purpose. Faith is the key for both the practitioner and the client. 

Practitioner receives energy exchange from the client in order to avoid any possibility of karmic binding, 50% of which goes towards feeding the hungry beings. This maintains utmost purity in this process.

What is the outcome?

As blockages and deep seated patterns are released during this process, a lot of weight from deep within gets dropped and the client gets more clarity and awareness. This brings alignment and healing at the level of body, mind and spirit which empowers the client to fully experience this current life with clarity, positivity, stability with freedom from bindings.

Mai-Tri - Meaning

The actual word meaning of “Mai-tri” is friendship, companionship, collaboration, or simply togetherness.

“Mai” means mother. The word mother represents unconditional love, protection, care, consistency of emotions, continuity, life, creation etc. Mother also represents levitation, as in the womb experience. Womb represents creation as well as healing. A child finds solace, comfort, freedom and peace in the company of its mother, across species. Every child craves for its mother. The sheer presence of mother is itself healing for the child. Motherhood has spontaneous healing impacts on the child. This healing is soothing and loving, as mother energy releases blockages and allows the healing to take place.

“Tri” represents trinity. The three aspects of creation are BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH. Trinity also represents the three powers – Will Power, Knowledge Power (or the Power of Awareness) and Power of Action (or creation). Hence, the word tri represents all aspects of existence. When the pure and eternal energy source combines with the power of will for creation, LIFE happens. Hence, the male and female aspects of each existence are united in creation as well as in healing.

Faith is the key for both the practitioner and the client.

“Healing is a choice. Healing is a choice for both the practitioner and the healed. Faith is the key. Faith in oneself, faith in healing, faith that you can be healed, faith in the practitioner, faith in the source of energy, faith in God. Thus, faith is the thread of this miracle called healing. What prevents healing? Prejudices, doubts, fears, apprehensions, lack of openness, and closed mindedness. If the receiver does not have faith in healing, there is no point in doing the exercise of healing. If anyone approaches with doubts and prejudices, no healing is possible. For miracles to happen, faith is essential.  Healing is a part of creation. Healing, revitalization and rejuvenation are aspects deeply connected to the very fabric of terrestrial existence. Healing happens automatically, as long as the mind does not prevent it. Spontaneous healing takes place when we allow nature to function without interruption. Healers are just intenders. They intend that healing takes place. The receiver allows it to happen."

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision


Through deep cleansing of trapped blockages from the innermost layers of our system, bringing wellbeing to mankind.


Freedom from the accumulated emotional blockages elevates the frequency of the individuals, taking them closer towards their highest multi-dimensional potential and thus raising the collective consciousness to the level of compassion, kindness, righteousness and non-violence.