Privacy Policy

  1. The requestor (client himself or the guardian of the client) is in state to make a conscious choice.
  2. The requestor gives the consent for the Mai-Tri Method to be performed as described in the SOP.
  3. The personal details and photograph of the client is taken with the consent for the Mai-Tri Method session only.
  4. All client information (personal data and photos) are maintained as per data protection policy and not shared anywhere or with anyone else without the consent of the client or the requestor.
  5. Mai-Tri Method is not an alternative medical treatment and is not expected to substitute or replace my existing medical treatment.
  6. Mai-Tri method does not commit or guarantee the cure to the client’s condition, as there are many factors that can affect the outcome, as described in the Mai-Tri Method details on the website.
  7. The Mai-Tri practitioner, Mohanji Foundation, Mohanji are in no way responsible for any changes in the health condition of the client after the Mai-Tri Method session(s).
  8. The client gives the energy exchange amount to the Mai-Tri practitioner directly, prior to the session or as mutually agreed. 50% of this amount is used for annadaan (feeding hungry beings).