Success related insecurities

We are wasting most of our time by comparing ourselves with other people. And most of the time we are wasting by competing with other people. I would recommend if you want to compete, compete with yourself. If you have the habit of postponing things, do it right away. If you have the habit of not smiling, start smiling. If you have any habit of being lazy, get into hyper-action.
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Job of an enlightened Master

What is the job of a true enlightened Master? | Mohanji What you consider as a master’s job does not exist. No master sits there and thinks, “Okay, there are people – helpless, poor; help them or guide them.” There’s nothing like that. There’s no responsibility that way. But when we crave something, we get


New Year Message for 2022

I wish all of you a great new year, 2022. From 2020 onwards, the apprehensions of the world have increased. We all have experienced, especially with the pandemic, vaccinations, restrictions for travel, a lot of different experiences which we are not used to. We are not used to any of these, but it created a different dimension in us. We are forced to adapt to the new situation. 
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The important power of respect

The power and importance of respect | Mohanji Great scriptures said worship or respect your mother primarily; that’s the first level. The second level, respect your father. The third level is to respect your teachers or respect your life – that is, the highest teacher. And anybody giving information, anybody giving you understanding, anybody giving you


How to fulfil Dharma?

Dharma simply means performing your responsibility with consistency. Dharma is essential; you can’t avoid it. Plus, your practice is essential; you can’t avoid it. That means, what does that mean? No escapism, no running away. Stay where you are, do what you have to do and raise your awareness to the highest possible.
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Mookambika intense Satsang-3

Mookambika Satsang 3 | Mohanji This is part 3 of the satsangs held in Mookambika in 2019 Welcome! We met after Peru, right? The last time we met was in Machu Picchu. You climbed all the way up. I remember that. Wonderful. We should start with the questions, so we’ll take it forward from there.


Should we eat meat?

Eating meat- How does it affect the body? | Mohanji It’s very simple, like if there’s no oxygen in the room, how does it affect us?  The body absorbs everything. Whatever it is, whatever is given to the body, it takes in. When an animal dies, it does not die out of pleasure. What is the


Mookambika intense Satsang-2

This is part two of satsangs with Mohanji held in Mookambika in 2019 on Karma and other related topics. Question: Please shed some light on lineage karma. How can we sort this out? Mohanji: Well, lineage karma is: let me put it this way. Who owns your body? Who is the owner of your body?


Assumption vs Intuition

by Mohanji Assumption Assumption has a root, which is probability. Based on probability, we assume. But intuition is more a connection to a state where you may not see it, but you realize it as a possibility. One is a probability; this is a possibility. Intuition Intuition is usually coming from two different major things.


True Consciousness – 4 states

What are the four states of consciousness? | Mohanji Everything is dimensions; all are dimensions. When I say consciousness, you can call it the operating mechanism. The operating mechanism means (understand this clearly. This is fundamental): You have primarily five senses, right? What for? What is the use of senses? To experience, of course, to