Achieve inner transformation

How to achieve inner transformation | Mohanji It is definitely not possible to bring the fire from outside because the fire is already inside.  Let us take the four major aspects of our existence, which will make you understand what I’m talking about. 1. The body What does the body need? It needs food, sleep,


Deal well with temptations

How to deal with temptations | Mohanji I believe that whatever practices you do, one of the aspects to handle is temptation.  Where does temptation come from?   Memories. Memories of a good experience. And a bad experience also. But (still) the memory. When you know that this memory is asking you to return, you’ve got to


Is the soul aware of karma?

When entering the body, is the soul aware of karmic inheritance? | Mohanji The Soul The soul per se, or what we call the soul, is the energy part of our existence that is fully aware of everything. But the soul doesn’t care, in the same way, that electricity attaches no value to whether it operates


Treat people properly now

How to treat people properly |Mohanji  How much time do you have on earth? You don’t know, let’s say until death. Within this time, what we want to do, we should do. Or whatever our desires are, whatever our expressions are, we should accomplish it. There is no question of,” Should I do something?” If


What is evil?

From the same source. And what is evil? Like Dr. Osmanagić was telling earlier, everything is about frequencies. A frequency which is of dense nature, we call it evil. But the very idea about dark and light is only for the sake of effect. If there were no night, you wouldn’t recognize sunshine. If there’s no other side, this side will not be visible.
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Incredible origin of life

Imagine we live for 80 years in this body. In 29,200 days, we complete this story. Within this time, you have to experience all that you have to experience with this body. Each person is a fresh story; each life is a fresh story. You can’t compare; it’s stupidity to compare. It’s also stupidity to criticize because you’re only playing your story.
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Krishna Consciousness – 2021

Supreme consciousness. Supreme consciousness, which is ever-present here, there, and everywhere, guides us, leads us, or activates us. A personification of supreme consciousness is Lord Krishna.
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How do we approach God?

That’s a very difficult question in that context. It depends on what you think is God. What is God for you? If God is like a human being who will like you and dislike you, then you have to do accordingly. If God is only love, then you don’t have to prove anything. God loves you anyway.
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The enormous importance of Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is told in every religion as one of the primary things. In every religion, every Guru has spoken about serving the poor, helping the helpless, feeding the hungry. That is because we are all karmic beings, owned by our lineage. The lineage owns us; the lineage owns this body. The lineage means what is inherited from the father’s side and the mother’s side that owns us.

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