Love – a permanent state

What is the opposite of love – Mohanji I believe there are no opposites to love. Love cannot have opposites. You can say the opposite is a lack of love. The state is a state, a temporary state. The lack of love is not a permanent state; it’s a temporary state. You don’t feel love.


Need for moral standards now

Moral standards are disciplines given by society; it’s basically to maintain law and order in society. If all the people obey certain standards, society becomes cleaner; society becomes better to handle law and order and discipline, which means all those things can be maintained. 
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Schizophrenia or disorders

How to support a loved one with schizophrenia or attention disorder | Mohanji Compassion for Schizophrenia If you have to take care of anybody who needs special attention, the right attitude or the right approach is compassion. We should be very considerate, very compassionate, and we need to accept that person as himself. We cannot


What is truly contemplation?

Contemplation What is contemplation? Any idea? At certain points in life, you will start asking yourself: What is life all about? This question comes to everybody. Who am I? Sooner or later, one question would be: Who am I? The answer will come first as your name “I am so and so”. Second, I am


Parasite Relationship

How to know if you are in a parasite relationship? | Mohanji Right company We need to know what is good for us. What is good for us means what brings us up. What makes us feel richer? What makes us feel powerful is good for us. What is not good for us is what


Release habitual patterns

We have patterns, right? Repetitive patterns. Some people say, “I’ve never experienced happiness in life.” Or some people say, “I’m continuously going through the same situations, one after the other.” Patterns – where does pattern come from? How do patterns happen in our life? Why are we discussing this? If you know how patterns happen, if you diagnose it well, you can come out of it. If you don’t know the patterns, if you don’t know how they are structured, you cannot come out of them. That’s why we are trying to understand patterns.
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Achieve inner transformation

How to achieve inner transformation | Mohanji It is definitely not possible to bring the fire from outside because the fire is already inside.  Let us take the four major aspects of our existence, which will make you understand what I’m talking about. 1. The body What does the body need? It needs food, sleep,


Deal well with temptations

How to deal with temptations | Mohanji I believe that whatever practices you do, one of the aspects to handle is temptation.  Where does temptation come from?   Memories. Memories of a good experience. And a bad experience also. But (still) the memory. When you know that this memory is asking you to return, you’ve got to


Is the soul aware of karma?

When entering the body, is the soul aware of karmic inheritance? | Mohanji The Soul The soul per se, or what we call the soul, is the energy part of our existence that is fully aware of everything. But the soul doesn’t care, in the same way, that electricity attaches no value to whether it operates