Mohanji's Life Journey


As his mother describes, Mohanji was ‘born smiling’ on February 23rd 1965. His initial life was full of trials and troubles. He ambled along through his childhood and teenage years. He did not fail in any class yet he also did not excel in any of the examinations. His aimless attitude was a constant source of worry for his parents and relatives. When his class teacher asked, in a very junior class, what he would like to be when he grow up, he said: “I want to be alone.” She was furious and confused, but he felt the response was quite natural and reasonable, and did not understand why somebody would be upset about it. In his words, “I was clearly a black sheep in my family, but a possibility in the wide world of mysteries”.

Always the experimenter, Mohanji explored the extent of his physical, mental and intellectual capabilities. From testing his physical endurance to dabbling with the arts – poetry and drama – to experimenting with intellectual pursuits through books, psychology and new age cinema. However, being experience-oriented, he was never a “book-a-holic” and preferred to experience directly rather than read and understand. He eventually managed to get through a postgraduate degree in literature with reasonably good grades.

He ended up making a career in the shipping industry. In time, he grew into a dynamic leader with 24 years of senior management experience in the Middle East. Mohanji got married to Saritha in September, 1992.

Their daughter Ammu came into their life on November 9th, 1995. Ammu passed away in a tragic road accident on August 23rd 2000. Mohanji says “Within that time, she taught me many things. First of all, she made me experience what it feels like to be a father. She gave me immense love and affection. Often even scolded me or chided me like an elder. Her nature was that of love. She loved every creature, every person. She made me aware of the possibility of deeper love, beyond all man-made barriers. Her love for all beings was well reflected in the emotion that brought hundreds of people to her funeral. So many people of various age groups came to pay respects to a four-year-old child! She was a divine soul. No doubt. Needless to say, I was totally empty and devastated, when she left us so abruptly. In fact all of us were completely shattered”.


After Ammu left in the year 2000, Mohanji had a series of encounters with compulsive destiny. He separated from his wife, his belongings got stolen, he lost his earnings and investments and eventually he also lost his job. He was literally stranded, with family, money, property and job all gone. And if that was not enough, he developed a painful skin infection, which was especially unbearable in the hot desert sun of the Middle East. Forsaken by friends and family, Mohanji experienced human suffering at its worst.

One by one, God removed everything that I was probably attached to, and placed me firmly on the path of spiritual evolution. We must lose a lot to gain somewhat.


His isolation, agony, pain and suffering eventually led him into a deep inner exploration and a genuine search for the very meaning and purpose of life. He soon started receiving guidance from Shirdi Sai Baba, Mahavatar Babaji, Sathya Sai Baba, and several other Masters, some living in the body, some operating from other planes of existence. He made the Himalayas his second home, and found solace in the wisdom and unconditional love of the Masters. Slowly, the inner channels opened up fully and continuous telepathic communication with the Masters became his inner and outer reality. Communions started both physically and non-physically. Despite all this, Mohanji remained introverted and unassuming.
Mohanji. Shiva.1

In 2003, he set up a charitable foundation Ammucare Charitable TrustTM (ACT) in the memory of Ammu as a platform for selfless service beyond all man-made barriers supporting to uplift the helpless and needy by providing much needed resources and services such as food, clothing, shelter, medicine/medical treatment and education. Since then, AmmucareTM and its worldwide arm ACT Foundation now drive these initiatives in several countries across the globe. Mohanji always says that selfless service helps us keep our inner world clean. Thus, the main purpose of AmmucareTM is to serve and help others with compassion, thereby creating peace and non-violence in our internal and external environment.


In February 2007, Mohanji was at an ashram in Kerala, when he was overcome by an unexplained sickness and nausea. So the swami of the ashram took him outdoors for a walk in the fresh air. They walked up to a house, about 500 yards away, went inside, and just as Mohanji sat on a chair, he lost his physical consciousness, slipping into deep samadhi. Sacred ash (vibhuti) started pouring out through the top of his head, slowly falling down his body. In the Dattatreya tradition, they say that sacred ash gushing out of the sahasraara (the head chakra), is a sign that the last remnants of karmas are being exhausted. Along with the vibhuti, he became incandescent, a bright light glowing from within him, radiating through his body and clothes. His body seemed transparent, his eyelids turned golden and his consciousness expanded beyond description. He felt everything was within him.

Mohanji's Shiva Experience

This experience tilted his consciousness, taking his awareness to an entirely different level. Thenceforth, he started floating in and out of different awareness levels, receiving guidance from ascended Masters.


It was during one such communion that the voice of the unseen beckoned and the Power of PurityTM and 360oTM meditations were “given” to him. With the meditations came ‘shaktipat’ – a transfer of the master’s energies to the recipient. Devi appeared in his rather grim but surreal life in 2007. Devi insisted that the world should know of and be benefited by Mohanji’s knowledge and meditations. She encouraged Mohanji to share his inner wealth with the world and was thus instrumental in bringing him into the limelight. Mohanji believes that she was chosen by the higher Masters to pull him out of his introversion and help him make use of the knowledge and wisdom imparted by them so abundantly. The first meditations started in Dubai in early 2007, combined with the time-honored tradition of satsang, or spiritual gatherings. Offered to all unconditionally and free of cost, the experiences were powerful and varied. People started experiencing heavy cleansing, communions with the masters, and having other life-transforming experiences. The word of the enlightened Master and his life-changing messages spread rapidly. The meditations were eventually translated into several languages and today they are conducted across the globe individually and in groups.

Devi and Mohanji married in April 2010 and were blessed with a wonderful daughter Mila in 2011. Their marriage was a worldly way of marking the spiritual union of two people brought together for a higher purpose. In September 2014, he also received divine guidance to initiate people into Consciousness KriyaTM. Consciousness KriyaTM is a powerful practice for serious seekers that accelerates the soul’s evolution towards liberation. On the occasion of International Yoga Day (June 21st 2015), Mohanji launched a dynamic meditation technique called Conscious WalkingTM that incorporates the benefits of walking with awareness techniques to provide a simple yet holistic method for healing the mind, body and soul.

Through his spiritual work, Mohanji delivers life-transforming, authentic experiences to all those who connect to him. He performs all his roles with utmost dedication and has touched the lives of many worldwide. He conducts all his spiritual activities in a selfless manner, as an expression of gratitude to the world.

I consider all my actions as seva to the society. I do not accept any money or gifts for my spiritual seva.