Mohanji Youth Club

Mohanji Youth Club is a global youth network which exists to empower and inspire fellow youngsters to live authentic, positive and purpose-driven lives.
It is inspired by the work and teachings of Mohanji to ” Be good. Do Good.”
We serve as a platform for youth to break their boundaries. Our aim is to empower youth to explore and express their full potential beyond the limitations of the mind.
“Break your boundaries !! ”


Educational Programs & Trainings
Seminars, workshops, trainings in unique skills ( eg:- mid-brain activation)
Summits and meetings
Working on personal growth, spreading awareness about sustainable living.
Picnics & Festivals
On the basis of compassion and non-violence, opening doors to fresh knowledge, vegan food and lots of fun.
Selfless Service
Learning to give more than we take, creating good people.

Awards And Interests

 MYC Awards
MYC Awards are given to youngsters excelling and innovating in certain spheres, such as writing, acting, and film-making. These awards are based on compassion, kindness and selflessness.
Areas of Interests
Education, social impact, non-violence, yoga, meditation, communication, organic agriculture, recycling, nutrition, sports, ecology, natural cosmetics, social games, technology, (spiritual) literature, networking, dancing, languages, leadership, journalism, creative writing, music, etc.

All youngsters (aged 14-29) are welcome to join existing youth clubs and therefore join the global family-like community.