Mohanji - Focus-on-Purpose-not-People

Focus on Purpose not People

During a casual discussion regarding an organisational matter, Mohanji responded with great intensity about the need to focus on one’s purpose in life and steer clear of all kinds of emotions and emotional entanglement. He reiterated the need to use the clarity based on our purpose in life to respond to situations, people, and so on. This is a very valuable perspective that we believe is applicable to all of us who are on the spiritual path. Mohanji’s words follow… 
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A Vertical Existence

Life Positive Expo – Satsang with Mohanji – Part 3 Q: How do you select the best meditation practice for yourself? A: Actually it’s individualistic. I would say that the best meditation is being with yourself. This is what I feel. Rather than having a programme, or a method, or following somebody’s course, I would …

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