Hi! I just wanted to share some really amazing insights and experiences that I’ve had with the Mai- Tri Method. I’m going through some kind of a crisis at home because mom’s not been keeping well, and through the day, there are many activities happening in terms of me running around and things like that.
It’s the rainy season in Mumbai around this time. During the rainy season, sometimes in the year, I get allergy attacks; some years are more intense while some years are very mild and light. There have been a couple of years when I have not had any allergy attacks. Typically with the allergy, the eyes are itchy, I get nasal blocks, and I can’t breathe at times. I also feel it’s psychosomatic because I realized that the more I get stressed or emotionally vulnerable, angry, upset or sad – mainly due to stress and anxiety, these allergies become more strong. I just realized that this was happening, and what I wanted to do was just sit with myself and start chanting the Mai-Tri Gayatri.
When I started doing that, I said, okay, I’m holding Mohanji‘s hands and now let me start chanting the Mai-Tri Gayatri, and started giving energy to my eyes. I don’t know what made me do that. I was holding his hand, literally, and that’s what I did. When I connected to my eyes, I sensed or felt a lot of tiredness. I connected to the tiredness and actually started yawning. I just accepted the tiredness, I kept yawning, and by just being with the tiredness of the eyes, I started feeling the tiredness go away, my itchiness go away, and all the while, I was continuously chanting Mai-Tri Gayatri.
I was feeling breathless due to the nasal blocks that I was having. Next, I connected with my nose, gave healing light to my nose, and was just with it – completely aware and with it.
I just asked myself, “What am I feeling there in the nose?”
I was feeling restricted; I was feeling stressed; I was feeling like somebody was stifling me; I was not able to breathe, and immediately I was taken to my lungs. In my lungs, I got a glimpse of a life where there were a lot of children, babies actually, and they were all dead.
I couldn’t do anything about it, so I automatically started feeling very emotional. I released a lot of emotions, as in I literally had to mourn for them. I released the feeling which I had in that life, that I could have done something for these kids, but unfortunately, I was not able to, and they died. I think they died due to famine – one or two kids died through famine or hunger, and in that life, I was their mother – must have been.
I just released the emotion completely, and later when I became calm, I was guided to say, “It was the children’s destiny; it was their karmic agenda; it was unfortunate that I had to go through it as their mother, but that was what I had signed up for, to be with them in that experience.” So I sent them light, love, energy, and suddenly I realized that the emotions were gone.
Then from there, when I came back to the nose, I realized that my nose was feeling a lot better and that I was able to breathe more normally. I immediately realized that the itching had also come down – if my allergies had been at 80%, they had come down to something like 20-30%.
I’m just feeling so much better, more calm and peaceful. I felt lighter with the release of emotions. Mai-tri is indeed a process of recharging, revitalizing and energising the self through release of the various blocks and traps that we carry over lifetimes!
Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 22nd June 2021

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