Covid Mai-Tri is a special Mai-Tri technique given by Mohanji to Mai-Tri practitioners to help those affected with Covid, and it is done for three consecutive days. Every Mai-Tri may be a miracle story for many people around the world.
Connection to a Guru gives you protection, elevation and eventually complete liberation. I would like to narrate how Mohanji helped a family who was following the path of the Avadhoota Nityananda of Ganeshpuri (Nath Tradition).
What we assume and what Mohanji does is unfathomable. As said by Mohanji, “Grace of Gurus or God oils the chain of your bicycle. You have to ride it. Oiling the chain makes the journey smoother.”
On 17th May 2021, at about 8 pm, I received a message from a friend for a Mai-Tri session for her cousin (hereinafter will be referred as ‘client’) who was in a hospital in Chennai with Covid and said his wife requested the same. Immediately, I noted down the number and called the client’s wife for her consent. The first session of Mai-Tri was done on the 17th after 8 pm. Finding the client too serious, I decided to do the second session of Mai-Tri the following morning just after 8 am and messaged that to her.
For the second session on the 18th, I had started with complete surrender to Mohanji, and I was totally amazed at how Mohanji works. At the beginning of the session itself, I could feel the client entirely covered with golden light and the soul in bliss. Golden light is the blessing of higher spiritual Masters. Although the client was suffering physically, the soul was found to be happy and content. In my mind, I asked Mohanji whether the client is leaving his body. At about 11.50 am, I got the message that the client had passed away.
After two days, I contacted my friend, and she said her cousin could talk till his last breath. I wondered how a family could enter the room or ICU where a Covid patient is admitted. I called the client’s wife and talked to their son, who was with his dad till the last moment.
I could connect each, and every word the son spoke as the grace of Mohanji extended to that family. In his own words,
“My dad was admitted to the hospital on 14.5.2021. I arrived from the USA on the 17th and went straight to the hospital from the airport. Dad had low oxygen saturation levels and was not in a good condition. He was in a Covid ward and not in ICU. He had diabetes. There was a shortage of nurses, and senior doctors and the area covering Covid patients was managed by student doctors and junior doctors with the help of Supervisors; they had to deal with a lot.
So, nobody objected to my stay near my dad. The next day, his condition improved in the morning, and he was happily talking to me; I also made a video call for him to speak to my family. He happily talked to my family and enquired about my mother at home, who had a fever. Within minutes, he left his body in front of my eyes.”
The client’s wife added that she was praying all the time, and she could feel the energy flowing from her third eye at the time of his passing.
Who would not want to be with their dear and near ones during this pandemic time? Especially when isolated, a person may have fear and desperation.
Not everyone gets this great opportunity of being in bliss by following a Guru. As Mohanji says, for one to get the blessings of a Master, he should follow the path of unconditional love, compassion to every being, do selfless service and respect others. This client had been doing all this, and so he got the opportunity to merge with the Supreme Consciousness.
As per the client’s family custom, they do annadaan on the 40th day of demise. I told them that Mohanji had once said that the soul moves to the next stage of elevation on the 13th day of demise, as per Hindu tradition, and so if they would like to do annadaan then, they could contribute to Ammucare Charitable Trust for food distribution in Thiruvannamalai. Immediately, the client’s wife did that wholeheartedly. Now, she wishes to donate every month to Ammucare.
Through Mai-Tri and Mohanji’s grace, the client merged from the limited Consciousness to the golden energy of the Nath Tradition, the unlimited Consciousness.
I bow down to you with love and gratitude, my dear Mohanji, for this great opportunity and learning. May we always be blessed.
Edited & Published by – Testimonials Team, 22nd June 2021

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