Mohanji’s New Year Message 2023

Hello, my dear friends.

I wish all of you a very happy New Year 2023.

We had a reasonably good 2022 away from COVID, away from restrictions, and we made the best use of it. Now, 2023 is coming.


We have some scare, and I would urge you to have a dare. Whenever we have a scare, we should have a dare as well. Because every situation is our creation or how our reality happens is based on how we respond to each situation. Every situation, as we perceive it, is our creation. Situations are happening, and sometimes we have no control over them. But how we respond to it makes our reality.

Hangover of memories

I would like you to remember that we are memory bodies. Our whole life is based on our memories. We respond to realities based on our memories. We do everything or we think based on our memories. We need to understand that we are memory bodies. And that’s exactly why we are not able to accept reality or respond to reality as fresh as possible because memories overlap it. We have a hangover of memories.

Fresh life

So with this understanding, when you perceive 2023, we should look at life as fresh. It’s a fresh year, a fresh possibility. You can be a fresh you. This is our possibility. That you can approach 2023 completely fresh.

And that also means flexibility. We don’t know what is going to happen. People are talking about the recession. People are talking about COVID. Another wave coming up, whatever. We don’t know. But we can always be fresh and approach our realities fresh so that it gives us a little bit of freshness or a larger possibility within our capacity.

We create our reality

This is one of the things I wanted to tell you. We need to know that we carve our reality, we are creating our reality. If we believe that we have that potential, there is no limit. There is no limit. We are limitless. We have great potential. Look at the whole world.

Every being other than a human being has its own particular format or particular system where it protects itself, like a deer or an animal. Any animal in the wild has its own strength and capacity for survival.

But for human beings, it’s intelligence. We do not have thick skin like an elephant. We do not have various capabilities for survival by ourselves. We need to wear clothes of a certain level for a certain climate, and we need to have certain food for digestion. We are not hunters now. We used to hunt for food earlier. We have adapted, we have been flexible, we have adapted to times, and we created our own environment using our intelligence.

Unlimited capacity

So, we need to know that the capacity of the brain or mind is unlimited. We have the capacity to know Supreme Consciousness, the creator, to experience that creator.

And we also have the capacity to experience our daily happenings or the things happening every day, moment to moment. We need to know that this potential has to be well used from now on.

This also needs reinvention. Not just the hangover of our memories, but we reinvent ourselves. We create our dimensions and capacities. That will make us stable and powerful.

We need to realise one thing: negativity always sells, and it’s easy to slip into negativity.

But it never makes you fresh. It never gives you freshness. Negativity always binds you. It makes you less. It makes you feel very low. It includes all kinds of ownership and possessiveness. It includes all kinds of negativity, which we sponsor or which we subscribe to, such as gossip and such as various things which are not at all necessary for life.

Leave the world a better place

But there are a lot of things which are necessary for life and which enhance you, make you feel better, and make you feel stronger, such as kindness, compassion, love, self-respect, respecting yourself and respecting others. Respect. This kind of thing expands you.

So, make a conscious effort in this world to subscribe to respect, love, compassion, kindness and things which enhance you. Share what you have in abundance with others. Give a part of your life to the world. Be responsible. We can’t leave the world a wasted space when we die. We have to leave the world a better place because we existed. Because another generation is coming. We ourselves may come back in another body. We need to leave this world a better place. This is our responsibility, and we all have capacities for it. We all have capacity. We all have the means for it. We have guidance for it. We have the intelligence for it.

We need to create our own possibilities and leave the world a better place. All of us have that power and potential. We must never underestimate this. Even if you are going through certain situations, you can still make the best of them.

I was remembering a story of a terminally ill patient. He died at the age of 28 or 26, but when he realised that he could not have a normal life, he decided to inspire the people of his condition in the world. And he made a video, made a channel, YouTube channel, and he started saying positive things, encouraging people to face their realities. And he enhanced the life of many people before he left the body. Even a person who was in severe pain could do that.

We all have that capacity. It’s an attitude. We need to have the attitude that we must do something good for the world. All the time.

And never, ever be bound by our individual capacities or restrictions. Of course, your priority is yourself first. You have to be healthy, happy, and stable. Only then can you give stability to others. This is important, but at the same time, don’t just look at yourself and your gratifications only. Look at the world outside. Look at the people around you, your relatives, your friends, people in society, and keep doing something for the world in your capacity.

Also, remember, “people” means all beings on Earth, and every being is important. They have value. They have a space here like you. They all have space. They all deserve to be happy like you. It is important that we allow and accept that to happen in the world. This is very, very important.

As I said earlier, we are memory bodies. All of our relationships and all our experiences are linked to our memories. So, we need to collect ourselves and prepare ourselves for something larger.

Have visions

We must have visions.

We must have a vision of what best you can do in this world, what you can deliver. Don’t criticize, don’t compare. That’s a complete waste of time.

And if somebody is doing something good, encourage it. Support it as best as you can. Not that you have to support everything financially. You can give even moral support, physical support, and energetic support. Everything is possible because you have that capacity, some capacity.

Not everybody is rich money-wise in the world. That’s fine. Are you contented? Are you satisfied with yourself? For satisfaction to happen, sharing should happen. Because how do you express abundance? Whatever you have in abundance. Everybody has something in abundance.

How do you express it?

Through sharing unconditionally, without expecting anything back. The root cause of sorrows, most of the disappointments, are expectations. We must understand that. And we must stay away from it as much as possible. Acceptance is the other side. Accept realities, accept people, accept differences, accept life. That will probably stabilize you much better than any prescribed sadhana or practices of life. Not even spiritual practices, any methods. It can really help you to stabilize. Sharing, loving, caring and sincerely, sincerely living a life of responsibility. Life with responsibility and respect.


Respect is very important here. Nobody is higher. Nobody is lower in the world. All beings are unique. We must remember this. It’s a good time to remember because it’s a New Year. So, you can plan and format your life that way.

And as I said earlier, all you need is the right attitude towards life. Life will open up for you. Everything, we have space for everybody.

Greed breeds greed. Remember this clearly. Greed never satisfies. It breeds greed. We need to go beyond greed to that attitude of happiness and satisfaction. Happiness is your choice. You could choose to be happy. You could choose not to suffer by not resisting. You could choose acceptance.

And every situation can be accepted and transcended. Easy to transcend when you accept. When you resist, it stays. The effect stays. The mind gets contaminated. When we compare ourselves with other people, when we criticize other people, judge other people, we are getting contaminated. We should never allow that.

This is a temple. This body is a temple. And the indweller, the spirit, the soul is the God, or the energy part is the ruler. Respect it. We don’t want contamination within our space, inside and outside. This is important for a good life. When we respect life, our self-esteem increases. When we harm life, we lose our conscience. When our conscience is affected through disturbing, destroying, distracting or killing beings, it affects our conscience deeply, irreparably.

So, it’s important to respect and love and be kind, which strengthens our conscience. When conscience is strengthened, our self-esteem is high. That gives you much more clarity in life, much more momentum, and inspiration that helps you to stabilize your life. And when you are stable, your people are stable. Society is stable.

Each individual should be stable. This is why kindness and respect are very important. We need to know this.

One world, one family

Please remember, we are one world, one family. The entire world is part of us, part of our family. You are not just an individual. We are not here for personal gratification only we are social beings. We love people. Love always expands. Fear contracts. This we must always remember.

We have great potential to love. And when our self-esteem increases, when we add value to the world continuously, consistently, and indiscriminately, we become stable.

Our net worth increases. This is how legends are born. Legends are born with great determination towards life. They have clarity. They walk this Earth with a clear understanding that they are here not to take from Earth, but to give to Earth.

Bharat (India) has seen so many such people. They could have had anything they wanted from Earth. They had that power. They had that clarity. They had that simplicity which made them want nothing. They wanted nothing from Earth. They gave everything they had to Earth. They gave themselves to the world. We can all be so powerful like that. And people remember them even after their death.

Legends are remembered. Legends are not born. But it’s an attitude towards life that creates them. Avatars are born. Avatars happen.

But many times, we don’t recognize them while they are alive. But when they leave, we realize this was an amazing master. Contemporaries may ignore it, but posterity will honour it, which we have seen many times. You have nothing to lose by being love, by serving, saving the world as best as you can.

Create welfare, not warfrare

There should be no wars. It’s our responsibility as individuals, and it’s the responsibility of all the government bodies or the associations like the United Nations to ensure there is no bloodshed anymore. If all the nations unite and tell sincerely that there should be no wars, we should stop weapons manufacturing. We should illegalize it. It should not be legal to manufacture weapons which will kill people, kill beings. Life will be better.

We have the intelligence to have no wars, and we have the intelligence to live a peaceful life. All we need is peace. All we need is harmony. All we need is love. It’s a short life. A very short life. Maybe 80 years. 90 years. That’s it. Even at that time, it depends on how energetic you are, how healthy you are, that you will have a good life. There are times when people are not healthy, and they don’t enjoy life. That’s not a good life.

Use your potential as a human being

A good life is a life when you are healthy and happy and you are enjoying life. You are experiencing life. You are happy to be born here. You are happy that you are a human being. That possibility should be well used. We have that life. We are listening to this because we are born. We are here. We must make the best use of it.

Internally, you can stabilize by connecting to the consciousness of your Master or God or practising anything which will align you and stabilize you. The practice should be consistent. Practice should have conviction behind it. It should be consistent. But more than all that, connection to the higher, to the beings of higher nature, or at least your teacher, Master, Guru. Connect consciously, continuously, with conviction. Do not judge. Do not doubt. Do not have separation in mind in any way.

If you are able to connect to a master consistently with conviction, you will have a great transformation. Because that person, the consciousness, the stature of that person automatically transforms you. Because where you park your mind, that you become. That’s the reality of existence.

We are abundant

So, we must increase our self-esteem and increase our net worth and self-worth in this world by being you 100% – the compassionate you, the loving you, the great power for being that you are, and expressing that purity and power in the world. We are not poor.

Remember, we are not poor. We are pure. We should never feel poverty. We should never feel a lack of abundance. The world has an abundance. We had abundance until we destroyed most of it. With our insensitivity and greed, we destroyed lots of it. But we are not poor. We are abundant. And abundance is a feeling. It can be felt by sharing whatever you have in abundance. When you live for the world, the world lives for you.

When you give yourself to the world, the world gives itself to you. Abundance is available. It’s there. It’s inside. Feel abundance, feel love, share it and grow. That becomes your net worth. You will have a great net worth. You don’t need money to have a net worth. Money net worth is never to be trusted. It can change.

Situations change. And then sometimes your life changes. But your attitude towards life, you have control. You can stay in with the right attitude. You should respect your own life. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t criticize yourself. Don’t compare yourself with another. You should respect your own life. You are unique. You are valuable. There is nobody like you. It’s important to remember. Always remember:

You are valuable.
You can do something in this world.

Don’t look at what other people are doing. Let them do what they can as per their capacity. But you, you should do what is within your capacity, as per your nature, your inclination, your orientation. Give, share with the world. That will make a better world.

So, always remember: respect life. Your life and other lives. Do not destroy. Do not disturb. Do not kill. Never sponsor the murder of any beings. Be kind. Let your kindness be your strength.

This year I hope we all will meet and interact. We will have a good time.

We will share Love.

We will share compassion and kindness.

We will share purposefulness.

And we will lead a responsible life.

We will respect.

We will never, ever compare or compete, or, we will not enter into negative zones at all.

When negativity, such as doubts and confusion, happens, discard them and feel oneness.

We are one, one world, one family.

I wish all of you great health, great enhancement of your potential and great possibility in 2023 and beyond.

I am always walking with you. I’m with you all the time.
I love you sincerely. I care for you.

We are all one. One family.
Let’s feel that.
Let’s love; let’s accept.
Let’s feel; let’s respect.

I wish you everything good in 2023, and you can make it better. You have that power.

I love you.

Happy New Year.

Proofread by Biljana Vozarevic

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