A contented life is a successful life

Hello friends. This is Mohanji.

I hope you have enjoyed and digested all the previous topics, especially the last few ones, which was resistance.

Today, I would like to talk about contentment. Contentment is, according to me, success. A contented life is a successful life. Why do I say that? It is because the usual method of human fulfillment is desire – fulfillment – satisfaction – contentment. This is the way we work. Now, we reach a stage where we have a desire, for example, I’d like to have a coffee now. But if the coffee is not available also, I am not dissatisfied. So, our whole attitude has changed if the fulfillment happened or not, we are still fine.


So, we have reached a level of maturity where our dependency on things outside us, has reduced. That means, where are we depending, what are we depending on? Inside. This is a fundamental shift in awareness. We are less dependent on things outside, and we are more contented with ourselves. We are pretty much stable. We are stable on a constant basis.


What can we do about this aspect? A lot of people have spoken about that. The space for peace is between an inhalation and an exhalation; the gateway to heaven is between an inhalation and an exhalation. There’s a tiny little space where it is silent. We concentrate on that silence or we concentrate on our heartbeat. Between a sound and silence, there is a space, so we concentrate on that space. Like that, we have various methods.

But today, we are on a very fast track board. We are doing so many things. Many things we do unconsciously, so do we get satisfaction? I doubt. We don’t even know that we are doing all these things. So, how do we maintain satisfaction? One of the methods is to concentrate on the work, focus on the work. Do it as perfect as you can. Dive into it and do it with your absolute attention, full application, and full concentration, then leave the result. Where does the result go wrong? When we have an expectation and if the result did not meet that expectation, we have disappointment.

So, human disappointment is connected to expectation usually. But if you just leave it like that, concentrate on the work fully; full application, full concentration, full dedication, then whatever the result is, we are happy with it. So, our focus is diverted to the activity, not the result. That is a very, very big shift, a major shift in our life.

contented life

As I said earlier, the success factor of life is contentment factor. If we don’t have contentment in life, we don’t have any success. We may have money, we may have properties, we may have so many materials in the outside world, but no inner satisfaction. That’s not a successful life according to me. Also, I feel that we should concentrate on just the activity, with full good intention. The intention should be good, pure and we should make sure that it’s not harmful to anybody. We should not create anything which is harmful to others. We should only do activities that are beneficial. You know, when I say harmful that means it is sadistic, destructive, or it leaves a negative balance or negative impact in the society. That’s what I call harmful. We should never do that. And we should concentrate on ourselves to maintain this purity of intention and purity of action. That means the results are also pure.

What you sow, that you reap. So, if you sow the seeds of purity, you will reap purity. So, this is exactly how it is. So, our selfish pleasures, our selfishness, our insecurities, the various things that we have stored inside; we should not even look at it; instead, we focus on good work, positive work, good action, and then it would be something bright and positive.

So, I leave you with these thoughts now, because these are fundamental thoughts. And you can actually build a positive attitude with these thoughts. We will discuss more such thoughts later. But I don’t want to talk too much. These are foods for thought. And please think about it, ponder it, discuss it and try to make a system out of it. It is a positive action and less dependency on the results, and more dependency all within ourselves.

I always say, if you want to read one book in this life, the book that you must read is called YOU. You are the book, you must read. This is very important. I leave you with this thought. Perfect yourself which you can. Only you can. Let’s take it forward like that.

I love you and I’m always with you, and this is a good way to interact. I’m sure you’re enjoying it. And if you have any suggestions, please write to And our people will analyze those messages and we’ll also reply. I may not be able to handle it myself all the time but I will get those messages which are relevant. And if you have a particular topic, if you have a particular subject which you want me to talk about, I’m happy to do that.

Lots of love.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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