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Hi everyone. It’s been a while since we spoke. Today, I have a reason for coming to you and making this conversation. I just saw a video where one of the refugees, the displaced of the war, a family and it was their child’s birthday; the daughter of the family, her birthday. She’s probably four years old, or maybe three to four, a very small child, but she knows very well that she’s a refugee and, of course, there is nothing available to celebrate.

She wasn’t expecting even a cake. Her father somehow managed to produce a slice of a cake with a candle and brought it to the child. And the child was overwhelmed, crying. This made me feel like talking to you.

The world out there is not so happy always. We should remember this. We might have many facilities, many things at our disposal in many countries. But when it comes to the displaced, the needy, and the ones who are denied a smooth existence, consistency, and continuity, it is up to us to make a difference in their lives. We can do something. It doesn’t matter what we do, but it is important that we feel and we act on it.

Action at the time of need

The cause for my talking is that our people, yesterday, went all the way to Ukraine, crossed the border from Romania, and crossed over to Ukraine. The team from the UK, Vijay, Jay and the local team, the team in Romania who is connected to us; they went to Ukraine, and it was reasonably dangerous. Even though that particular place was okay, it’s still Ukraine.

They took the risk for all of us, for everybody! They took the risk; they went, and they met the people who are displaced, who do not have homes anymore and do not have much to be happy about. And the war is still not over. 

So, what brings joy or what brings solace? Some kind of companionship, some security, some hope in the hearts of people should be delivered if it is within our capacity. There are small children out there. There are women who are helpless.

I also happened to see a very, very sad picture. There was a plaque on which it was written, “Children for sale”, and four children were sitting there and a mother. What I understood is that apparently, they sold all the children. She sold all the children because she could not give them food for three days. Then she decided to sell them. And apparently, people bought those children. Just imagine! Just imagine the situation. And of course, she’s pregnant as well; another one is coming.

These kinds of situations, man-made situations, and helplessness should shake our conscience. We should think, we should feel, and we should act. We have said time and again that there should be no wars, but we never meant it. If we meant it, there wouldn’t be any war, any displacement, no bloodshed, or snatching of somebody’s properties.

Now the cause for the war is not important here. The reasons are not important; the situation is important. And action is important.

There are reasons for everything that happens in life. But if we keep on digging for the reasons, we will not act because we are not in the present. We are always in the past, trying to find out the causes. But understand something made the situation, act on it so that such situations do not happen.

If mothers did not protect their children, if a father cannot bring home happiness, if the family cannot be together, what are we talking about? What is life? What is happiness? What is love?

This is time for us to think. We must understand; we must be very, very clear that this world needs help. And the people, our people who are inspired to do things, who have gone to Romania, who are working from Odesa; we are working from many places to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.

Plus, please remember, a war can spill over easily and become a World War. Because when people are hurt, revenge can happen in them even though it’s a very negative feeling to be revengeful. Only the insecure and the weak take revenge on others. Otherwise, revenge is definitely not a great thing; it’s not a good thing at all.

But unfortunately, when people are tortured, suppressed, oppressed or injured, even if they are emotionally injured, there is a possibility of revenge happening if they have the capacity for it; if they do have the capacity.

If that happens, a World War can happen. Situations can change rapidly. Nobody is safe in the world. Remember, man-made calamities; this is all created by us. Our insensitivity, our intolerance, and our insecurity created all these things.

There have been world conquerors who were weak people. They conquered nothing except disturbing the lives of people they went to, where they went to, and which places they visited. They fought wars. They killed a lot of people, disabled families. We respect them as world conquerors. That’s all amazingly useless.

Real heroes

The peacemakers who brought peace in the lives of people, who enhanced the lives of people of every place, who gave people solace, and comfort, and who gave direction and hope are the real heroes of our time and of all times. Those who can hold their hands in times of disaster and say don’t worry, we will survive and bring them to light are real heroes.

These real heroes are not people from a programmed society. They are individuals taking on the responsibility and becoming leaders on their own. All you need is conviction. All you need is direction. All you need is a clear purpose, and you are there already.

It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what you have. But if you have a firm belief, conviction, strength of will, willpower, and determination to do something good for the world amidst all the shelling, amidst all the problems, amidst all the situations, then you are a true hero.

We got to create a generation of heroes now. From ourselves, within ourselves, from our society. It’s important. It’s time to think.

Some of these sad pictures, just like a mother selling their children because she couldn’t feed them, people snatching food from the people who have it and killing them for it, this is all insane. We are not progressing in this way. By taking somebody’s house away, somebody’s food away, we will gain nothing. Instead, we will become degenerated further. Further and further degenerated, fallen.

Revenge is a terrible thing, just like anger. That’s a sign of weakness, a sign of insecurity. Acceptance and bringing hope and light into people’s lives is what we should do as citizens of the world, as powerful citizens of the world and determined citizens of the world.

No war, no bloodshed, no displacement. Let there be harmony, peace and love.

And let us reach out. Let us act, not tomorrow, today! There is no tomorrow if you do not do things today. The past, forget it. It’s done, gone. Today! For the sake of a better tomorrow. But if you do not act today, you cannot act at all.

I love you, and I’m with you.

This is Mohanji for you.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt
Proofread by Shyama Jeyaseelan

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