If you are not known, you are not heard. That is the nature of the world of sounds.

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On the auspicious day of 23-Feb-2019 (Mohanji's Birthday), we’re grateful for launch official Mohanji App. It can now be downloaded


Ascent Into Heights with Mohanji, Visoko | 25th May 2019

Ascent Into Heights with Mohanji, Visoko We cordially invite you to a one day program “Ascent Into Heights with Mohanji”



Mohanji Satcharita chapter 6 shows how our beloved Para Brahma transforms our lives the moment we connect with Him. He protects and heals us, holding our hand and guiding us to surf through the gigantic waves that engulf us periodically….


Being Mohanji for me means to be free and LiberatedBeing Mohanji is to see Mohanji in all the people and patients I come across.Hold them, touch them, hug them and be one with them in only healing love, sewa and gratitude with an absolute state of bliss and silence.Being Mohanji for me is being nothingness, emptinessBeing Mohanji for me is to be in a perpetual state of love, empathy, kindness and bliss. Having an understanding that each individual is a unique expression of the soul and is to be loved and respected as they are.Being Mohanji for me is being LOVE. Love is our natural state of being. Be yourself... Be oneness. Love all, serve all.Being Mohanji for me is being fearless, loving and authentic no matter what. But more than anything, it means being an instrument of the supreme energy of the Source that melts all sense  of 'me and mine', upto a point at which the longing of my soul for many lifetimes is fulfilled - that of merging in Mohanji's consciousness.Being Mohanji for me means being in total acceptance at all times. By being Mohanji, one will personify witness-hood and unshakable faith in the Path and Guru. Being Mohanji means being liberated from everything that bindsBeing Mohanji for me means to be true to My Self. To fulfil each day by completing my duties without self doubt and worry. But in the realisation that I am beyond this birth, this life, this circumstance and beyond the limiting beliefs of society.Being Mohanji for me is being compassionate, humble and serving the Earth. Being strict and lovable. Being eternal. Radiating pure unconditional love.Being Mohanji for me is being nestled in divine love 100% of the time. Zero judgement, zero intolerance, zero fears!!! Always attracting the best possible outcomes by being connected to unconditional love.Being Mohanji for me means caring for al beings, showering unconditional love and compassion at all times. Being the embodiment of love and living a purpose driven life.Being Mohanji for me is to be able to understand my emotions such as anger, fear and restlessness. It becomes so easy to handle these emotions, rather than being driven by them. At all times, I feel his grace helping me to respond in the best peaceful way that I can, rather than reacting.Being Mohanji for me is to be Unconditional love, No mind, total stillnessBeing Mohanji is Consciousness , perpetual state of fluidity , becoming the water , being Mohanji is forgiving and giving , being Mohanji is nothingness and The whole itself and last but the least Mohanji is Satyam Shivam Sundaram.Being Mohanji for me is to smile, laugh, dance, live simply and be true self of divine unconditional love and light. To happily serve mother Earth and all living beings. Live consciously in thoughts, words and deeds in the now without mental, physical and emotional attachment to material things and relationships as this is liberation and realisation of blessings in life Being Mohanji for me is being in the purest, innocent, fluid Bhaav of Karm Yog, Gyan Yog, Bhakti Yog and Kriya Yog. He has simplified every aspect of human existence. May I merge with that simplicity and purity.Being Mohanji for me is  to treat life as a joke... To keep laughing... If we can laugh at the highest point of sorrow, life is full of laughter.Being Mohanji for me is seeing everybody and everything as my beloved Mohanji.Being Mohanji for me is being unconditional love and compassion - seeing everyone and everything as part of me and accepting life as it happens without resisting.Being Mohanji for me means Love, Freedom and a Path. Be the Universe and its part in full consciousness. Being a hand given to everyone and everything which comes our way. Being faith. Being Confidence in existence, pure Bliss each moment. Being Strength. Being Life. Being... with awareness about all this. Timeless and endless blessing.Being Mohanji for me is connecting through faith and surrender to create a pure channel for grace to flow. Any doubt breaks the flow.Being Mohanji for me is to be an epitome of love, compassion and humility. To be an instrument to fulfil the anxious patients visiting me and be a meaningful person for the society, world and Mother EarthBeing Mohanji for me is being in the consciousness of Shiva where you experience His grace, guidance and protection and consequently feel relaxed about your inner and outer journey, knowing you will reach your destination.Being Mohanji for me is becoming a child again. By surrendering in full faith to Mohanji's Consciousness one gets lost in Bliss State only to find one is already Atma, eternal and fearlessBeing Mohanji for me is living a life with kindness and compassion for all beings and expressing unconditional love under all circumstances. It translates to accepting everyone with love and flowing in life without any resistance.Being Mohanji for me is being Love, continuous, unconditional love and gratitude – primordial and inexhaustible for all that comes in our life.Being Mohanij for me is about bringing positive changes in my life, guiding me in connecting with the Source, help developing constant self awareness, lead a life of non-violence in thoughts, words and actions... Most importantly, providing the priceless insurance and assurance that 'I am with you'Being Mohanji for me is being in tune with your nature and your soul. Being in tune with who you chose to be in this lifetime and evolving to the highest you can. Understanding  that you are all and all are you, there is no separation.Being Mohanji for me is to be humble, understand every individual is a karmic being. Each pattern is unique. Respect it. Do not judge, there is nothing right or wrong in this world. Facilitate, execute, and be ready for the changes, accept them as they comeBeing Mohanji to me is feeling unconditional love towards all beings. Staying in the present and experiencing every moment completely from the bottom of my heart.Being Mohanji means consciously leaving every kind of self-comfort to instead serve the world.Being Mohanji for me means to watch the world, to witness, accept and love everything that is in us and around us. It is a continuous feeling of confidence, peace and joy. The light which infuses the soul and overflows on all people who we meet on our life journey. Tremendous love for everyone and everything.Being Mohanji for me means total discovering oneself, deep rooting in one's own essence, establishing in the center of peace and serenity and the point from which I turn from the state of taking  into the state of giving. Mohanji for me means one completely new life - love without any boundariesBeing Mohanji for me is to be totally empty so that God constantly reflects in your expressions 100%.Being Mohanji for me is learning to become empty so as to become light. Just BEING ME in the moment is enoughBeing Mohanji for me is to express your gratitude by serving others through various platforms and dissolve into  the ocean of Divine Soul that you are.Being Mohanji is having a life with every thought, word and action driven by purpose, and always thinking of others first and how to help them. Being in this state is an aspiration for me  and the few moments I have just touched this feeling make it truly worth chasing.Being Mohanji for me is living 100#Being Mohanji for me isBeing Mohanji for me is being spontaneous and to love all unconditionally. Prepare  and equip the young ones to deal with emotional upheavals and be prepared for natural calamities so they come up as strong individualsBeing Mohanji for me is to lead a life of sacrifice, awareness, compassion, love, gratitude and humility. To give back to Mother Earth and to serve all beingsBeing Mohanji is the stripping away of the societal conditioning and false identifications that I have come to call myself. These false identifications are illumined. Their grip on me is loosened and slowly by His Grace they begin to shed away.Being Mohanji for me is being the light to the world, being in the embrace of Truth, living with purpose and changing the world with our example, through the acts of kindness and compassion, fight against negativity with one and only weapon - positivity. Being Mohanji for me is simply vastness... The vastness of the heart which grows more and more. That is my feeling.Being Mohanji is having a home and loving and supportive family in every corner of the world. What connects us all is life with the highest purpose: selfless, compassionate serving of all.