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About Mohanji

Mohanji is a global humanitarian, committed to raise the awareness of generations from selfishness to selflessness. His mission is to wake up kindness in the hearts of people. Mohanji firmly believes that humanity is the best religion for human beings and the best spiritual practice is ahimsa (non-violence) in thoughts, words or actions.
His core teaching is simply “Be You” – understand, accept and express your uniqueness in the world. Mohanji has founded various global organisations and platforms for people to express themselves through acts of compassion and kindness that will add value to the society.

Where is Mohanji?
(February 2024 - September 2024)

Awards and Recognition

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Our Platforms

Our Activities

Mohanji Foundation is active across the world working towards a better future.
The graphic below shows a snapshot of our activities in the month of November 2023. Our global teams conducted 290+ group activities across 33 countries and in 27 languages.
Team Mohanji is driven by a simple motto – Adding Value to the world. If you would like to join our global family of volunteers, write to us at If you would like to contribute to our efforts, donations are welcome at

Highlights of November2023

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Explore Events

We are overjoyed to announce a forthcoming visit from Mohanji to the Mohanji Centre of Benevolence, Western Australia, from February 25th to March 20th, 2024.
Mohanji Foundation Australia warmly invites you to a transformative retreat at the peaceful Mohanji Centre of Benevolence in Walpole, WA. Join us from March 3rd to 14th, 2024
Maha Shivaratri with Mohanji 2024
Join us for an auspicious and transformative Maha Shivaratri celebration, a night dedicated to honouring Lord Shiva, the embodiment of consciousness and enlightenment.


Join Mohanji

Join us on the path to a better world ruled by peace, harmony and love

Youth Club
Are you 15 30 years old? Would you like to enjoy the benefits of our global programs and workshops for youth? Become a member!

Everyone has something to give. It can be a skill, a craft, a hug or our time. Join us on the path to a better world ruled by peace, harmony and love