Believe in your mission and have no doubts

Mohanji speaks how important are belief and clarity of mission, vision, project or goal and what can influence us on the way to achieve it.

Hello friends, I hope you’re doing fine.

I was discussing a matter with a person today. And I thought it is very important for all of you. So, I am sharing it here.

You know, we start on some activity, and we have to discuss that with many people. Imagine this scenario. We have a vision, and we are trying to express that vision most honestly or clearly, with clarity, that is, and somebody will say something against it, or somebody will give you a negative side of it. 

A few people will say, “Oh, that’s not going to happen because we have tried this, it didn’t work”, stuff like that. That means they will tell their incapacity or their limitation to deter you from doing that thing that you thought is right for you. Some people listen to it, and then they discard their project. 

Clear purpose

Here, one thing we must understand, if our purpose is very clear, and if we know that this must be done, which is useful for the world (I repeat, useful for the world), then we must go ahead despite other people’s opinion. 

The other side of the negative opinion is that it will affect our project if we keep even a doubt in our mind. We should not doubt our project; we should have full, firm faith in our project, in our mission, in our activity. Whether it is about a person, whether it is about a project or a mission, or a goal, we must put all our strength and effort behind it, irrespective of whether people will support us or not. People may support us; people may not support us; it doesn’t matter. But we should believe in our work, our project, our mission, and we must go ahead.


 As I said earlier, the negative side is that if even a small amount of doubt enters our mind, it can become a very big doubt because all these negative feelings are of gravitational nature. Fear is of gravitational nature; it suddenly starts expanding. 

Fear is such a detrimental thing; it really paralyzes us, a fear of failure. If somebody says, “Why do we have to do this? It is not necessary. You know, if you don’t do things, then the risk of failure is less, etc.”, it’s cowardice. If you don’t do anything, your existence itself is compromised. We have to do good things in this world; we have to do good work, positive work, we should spread positivity, brightness in this world.

Any act that will spread brightness in this world should never be discarded. It should not be thrown out; it’s very important. Even if it is small, it doesn’t matter. Even if you believe that your capacity is small, which actually is not true, capacities are expandable. We feel that capacity is less because we are using our limited mind, plus others’ opinions, plus doubts of various nature, and especially fears of failure.

This is why we feel that we should not take a risk. Then we don’t do things. And if we don’t do things, we lose the chance for that experience. 

Overall, what we must understand is that we must defend ourselves, self-protect ourselves from these negative opinions of people. 


This also happens with our relationships. Imagine you have a close friend; a third party comes and tells something bad about the close friend. If you don’t defend it right away, you may start having doubt about your close friend, eventually leading to a separation. This also is applicable to your family, your husband, your wife, your children. 

If somebody talks something bad, it is important to defend them so that you don’t feel that negativity breeding within you. The worms are crawling inside your head. People have their opinions; people can say good or bad, we can’t help it. This is okay, but it’s up to us to protect ourselves from these negativities and apply ourselves completely to positive activity so that we have great experiences in this life. 

Otherwise, so many people are born here. So many people live their life, almost like clockworks, and they just vanish behind the curtain of time. So, this is very important. We must do what we can positively for the benefit of the world while we are here. This is very important.


There’s no postponement about it. Postponement simply means lethargy, lack of direction, lack of purpose and also lack of fulfilment. If fulfilment is in sleeping, that means you’re doing nothing. If you say I will do it tomorrow, you’re dishonest to yourself. 

Where is tomorrow for you?

Your tomorrow depends on what you do today. The seeds that we sow today, we can reap tomorrow. But if you don’t sow seeds at all, there’s nothing to reap. There’s no crop; there’s no cultivation. So, this moment is our moment. This is the time when we have our body, mind, intellect, all those things aligned. Keep moving; this is very, very important.


What I’m saying is that a goal with clarity is very important. Then a determination is even more important. Then when you have to collaborate with a lot of people, make sure their negativity is not entering you. I repeat, their negativities, their limitations, are not entering us; we must defend them. We must be positive, we must be optimistic, and do things together, if possible, with like-minded people, and your project should become a mission, a movement. We have that power; we have that energy; we have that capacity. 

But what prevents us is we listen to other people, and we drop our project. That’s not good. That’s the worst you can do to yourself. Please remember, or please take a decision that “I will do something great in this world. I have the platform; I have the people; I have the team; I have everything. Even if nobody is with me, I will do it, in my capacity, whatever possible.” That will help you to move forward. 

This is a very important thing, prevent negativity from entering you. If you just take it casually, “Okay, no problem, I listen to these negative, then we will take a decision later”, that is detrimental. Negativity grows very fast. It just consumes your inner space in no time. 


Fears are similar. All these things which I spoke about now are very important for you to understand. Prevent negativity from entering, if it’s about the person, about a principle, about a mission, or about a movement, about a project, anything. Prevent negativity from entering your system so that you don’t have to clean it up. Prevention is always better than cure. 

So, safeguard yourself. Protect yourself from negative people, negative news. So many things are talked about in the COVID time. Try to be away from all negative news and keep doing something good for the world, all the time, that will maintain your positivity, maintain you fresh and maintain you powerful.

This is the food for thought today, and I hope and wish that you will contemplate on it and increase your positivity. I’m with you; I’m walking with you all the time.

And I love you. This is Mohanji, for you.

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Transcription by Ulla Bernholdt 

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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