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Today I will tell you a story. First, we listen to the story then we talk about the moral of it. Two people, a Master and a disciple, they were going from a village to a city. On the way, the Master told the disciple, the treacheries of the city, means the city life is not as plain and simple as it was in the village. City life is complicated, people pretend, people have masks. And sometimes what they say is not what they mean. All these things, the Master told this disciple. So, the disciple was aware, and while they were going, at one point in time, they were very hungry and thirsty. That time, most of the distributions and the shelters were connected to temples. They found a temple. And in the temple, they were feeding a lot of people. So they also joined in to get some food. And in the nearby pond, they took a bath. Before they had the food, they took the bath. Then they came for the food, they got the food, and they were all happy.


While they were sitting, a few people gathered around them, and they asked a question about a thing, seemingly a very small thing, but it had a very deep meaning. The question was about motherhood. The Master thought it was not a very important subject. So then, he told the disciple to explain about motherhood. What is the importance of motherhood? The disciple started explaining about motherhood and the Guru became very surprised. Is it that deep? So many dimensions of motherhood he explained, right from the conceiving till every aspect of the growth of the child until, even the child becomes a father or a mother. Like that, the disciple started explaining. And it was a grand explanation. Once he completed answering the question, one of the people listening to this came forward and removed his gold chain, (the necklace he had around his neck, a very expensive one) and he put it on the neck of the disciple, and said, “You have shown me the way. You have actually made me realize how indebted I should be to my mother. Let me now discontinue my journey and go back to my mother. The rest of my life, I would like to serve her.” So, this effect was created by this speech of the disciple. The Master was surprised. The Master said, “My God, you know so many things. How did you know all these things?” Then the disciple said, “From you, my Master. The way you look after your mother. The way you take care of all the women and how you respect. I learned from that.” The Master said, “You have grown beyond me. I would not have articulated so much to that question.” Then the disciple said, “Thank you, Master, it’s all your grace, your kindness, your mercy.” Then, the Master started praising the disciple and as he started praising, the disciple started crying. The Master did not understand why he was crying. And then he asked the question, “Why are you crying? I’m praising you, I’m happy with you!” Then he said, “Master, you can beat me, you can scold me; I have no problem. But when you praise me, I may get stagnated. I’m worried about that. Please don’t praise me, I have not achieved anything as yet. Let me not have an ego connected to my knowledge or illusion that I may develop about my knowledge, please don’t praise me. You can guide me. You can scold me. You can even beat me, I have no problem. But let me not have a bloated ego, thinking that I have known everything now, I know everything because that time I stagnate.”

look within

When we know that we know everything; we stop growing. Instead, if we keep a curious mind, and if we try to gather more information, or try to assimilate more information, we are progressing. The world is not as it seems to be, we have discussed that in a previous podcast. We said that the world is relative truth. What we experience is relative truth which the senses can understand. Senses usually, indiscriminately roam into various aspects of the external world. And we feel that’s freedom. We feel that’s the thing which we want. Of course, the experience is what we are asking for, experience is what we are born for. But we must understand who we are as well in this whole journey. And that’s human life, that’s the worth of human life. That is how human life should be; a full awareness of what we are. So, the disciple was very intelligent, he understood if the Master praises him too much, he will stagnate. Instead, he would like to believe that he knows nothing, he would like to keep his ego well under his feet so that growth is not affected.

I leave this story with you on your plate as food for thought. Think it over and try to understand this point. When we are in a world where we are chasing appreciations, we are craving for applause, we are craving for accolades, but in the bargain, we stop understanding or we do not understand that we are stagnating there. You know, in this mad rush or the craving for praises and rewards and recognition, we stop growing. So, we must evolve. And to evolve, we must look within. To look within, we must spend time with ourselves. This is the food for thought today. I leave you with this thought.

Enjoy the rest of the day, and the rest of the week. Wish you happiness always and great success in life.

This is Mohanji with you. Lots of love.


Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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