The 3 aspects of existence

Hello friends, 

I hope you’re doing well. Today, I was thinking about the third dimension. We have an active two dimensions. That is the physical form and what we express i.e. the form and the personality; this is what society recognizes us with

But there is a third dimension; it is like the expression of the subconscious mind or what is stored inside, what you don’t show to the world. That exactly is the third dimension, or that’s the real dimension, according to me. 

What you are when you are alone, or when nobody is watching you, is the real you. What you project could be a mask; your personality could be a masked personality, even your physical form may not express exactly what you are. The third dimension has a lot of value. 

Look at the whole world in terms of our existence; there is a past, present and future.

What should we concentrate on?

The present, because that’s our reality. The past is finished, and the future is yet to come. What we have now is the present. Focus on the present, do our best in the present. Then we have three aspects:

  • The mind (processor of emotions).
  • The intellect (processor of information).
  • Ego (maintains the possessions, positions, relations, these aspects). 

The mind-matter has three dimensions. If you look at Earth, we have three dimensions: the Earth, water, and sky. Three dimensions which we are experiencing every day. Then if you look at Sanatana Dharma principles or the Indian philosophy, which has Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, the Creator, the Sustainer, and the Dissolver – there are three aspects. 

Where have these three aspects come from? 

The supreme Parabrahma, supreme consciousness. Supreme consciousness has three aspects. One aspect is creation, one aspect is maintenance, sustenance, and one aspect is dissolution. These three aspects are a part of the supreme consciousness.

Then if you take an atom, it has three aspects also: electron, neutron and proton. If you take Vastu, it has three aspects: Adham – the inferior, Madhyam – the medium, and Uttam – the superior. According to Vastu, lands are assessed into these three categories mainly. Then there is Athyutham that is very auspicious. Temples and such structures are made in such places, very auspicious because that land has positive vibration, which helps to stabilize our lives better. That is Vastu.

Then in Christian philosophy, there is the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. And if you take up the human body, it is body, mind, and spirit (soul); these are the three aspects. Similarly, if you look at the whole world, you can see three dimensions at play. 

Which dimension should you concentrate on? 

The current dimension – give your attention and invest yourself in the current dimension fully. That means you should have a plan; you should know what you should do every day. Every morning when you wake up, you should be clear about the day, if you are doing your practices, if you’re waking up early in the Early Birds Club pattern.

Invest your time to find yourself first, and then you go out to find the world. We spend a lot of time trying to find the world outside. In the bargain, we lose the world inside. So the very reason for waking up early is to find time to find yourself. Early morning is the right time when everything around you is tranquil, quiet; that’s the right time to find yourself. 

The reason for this particular podcast is to bring your attention to the three dimensions of you, so you can have more clarity when you look at the world outside. You can extend these three dimensions to everything; seasons, time and three aspects of our day (24 hours), such as the waking state, the dream state, the deep sleep state. Then we can talk about the times also, a time of Tamas (3 pm to 3 am), time of Rajas (6 am to 3 pm), and 3 am to 6 am is the time of Sattva.

That’s the time you wake up so that the atmosphere is tranquil; time is tranquil, your nostrils are fully balanced, your body is fully balanced. That’s the time to get up, connect to yourself and find yourself deeper, and you go out into this world. It makes a big difference in you because if you are balanced already, you go out into the world, the wears and tears, bumps, roadblocks, or rough roads will not affect you so much. That’s the idea. 

There are three dimensions for a lot of things. We can explore these three dimensions and also concentrate on the current dimension; that’s the main thing here; we pay attention, invest ourselves completely into the current dimension fully with the focus, clarity, and purposefulness. 

What is the best I can do in this situation?

That’s what you should look at. Or ask yourself, “Is it the best I can do?” If your heart says, “Yes, this is the best”, good enough, that’s fine, then don’t worry about what others think about it. You concentrate on your best. And don’t just allow the day to pass by lazily, you know, kind of a backhanded way. Instead, concentrate on the time and do your best so that your self-esteem will grow and your life on Earth will be purposeful. 

We like to be lazy. Take it easy, you know, just have our coffee and sit back and stuff like that. That will eventually reduce your self-esteem so much unless a windfall happens in your lap; you say, “It’s okay, I wasted all my time, but then I got what I wanted”, that’s destiny, but that’s not your creation.

Of course, it’s your creation from another time, but creation means it’s not your daily creation. What happens to you is happening to you. That’s the flow of destiny, which you created at another time. But this time, what you create is going to be your future. 

You need to make the best of your life on Earth, and then you have a great life. Otherwise, there’ll be regrets, guilt, and so many other things, because the good times of your life, the healthy times of your life, probably you didn’t pay attention, and then eventually when you want to pay attention, it’s too late. Right now, invest in the now, invest in today; invest in the present, fully, completely, and make the best of your life. 

I’ll leave you with this thought. Have a great life ahead, and all the very best.

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Transcribed by Ulla Bernholdt

Proofread by Rekha Murali

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